NEWS: DrinkNow Perfector Cools Hot Beverages Instantly

Why should hot beverage drinkers have to wait 15-20 minutes to take their first sip? Ain’t nobody got time for that! DrinkNow, Inc.’s founder, Dan Abrell developed a product to solve this problem.  

Dan’s wife and daughter are both black coffee drinkers.  They continually complained about burning their tongues on the hot coffee they received at drive thru restaurants and coffee shops. Their only option was to add ice, which watered down the taste. 

Working in the metals industry for his entire career, Dan thought that copper had the qualities to help solve this problem.  Copper transfers temperature much faster than any other metal and is 99.9% bacteria free. After 3 years working with a product development company to come up with just the right size and shape of copper tubing and it’s slick looking clear container, the DrinkNow Perfector was born.  #Nomoreburnttongues

With this new product that was introduced at Coffee and Tea Fest in NYC at the beginning of March, even the hottest drinks are ready for your lips in just 20 seconds.  Those wonderful flavor notes that the roasters work so hard to produce can be tasted right away.

This products works by transferring the temperature of ice that is in contact with the copper tubing to the hot coffee pouring through it.  The coffee never comes in contact with the ice, so the flavor is not compromised. The copper is contained by a high quality, temperature and fade resistant clear cup that is only 4” high. So, it can fit easily under air pot servers and other dispensers.

“My favorite thing is to see people pour 180 degree F coffee or tea through the Perfector into their cup, and watch the surprised look on their face when they can immediately take a sip”, says Dan.  “At the Coffee and Tea Fest, I can’t count the number of people who said that it comes out at the perfect temperature.  That is goal, hot but not too hot!”

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