NEWS: Fully Automated Tea Production: Transworld Specialty Tea Center

Zhejiang Tea Group and its US office Firsd Tea North America announce the recent opening of Transworld Specialty Tea Center. The Center is nestled between Hangzhou’s West Lake and Jing Shan Monastery- both significant and historic locations for Chinese tea culture. Transworld’s new facility integrates agriculture, automated tea manufacture, and tea cultural education.

The factory has a combined capacity of well over 1,000 metric tons of green tea (including matcha), black tea, oolong, dark tea, and flavored teas. It is best known for its fully automated production line with robot labor- one of the first in China. Jing Mountain (Jing Shan) Monastery dates back to the 8th Century, is one of the early monasteries associated with tea culture, and is recognized as the birthplace of Japanese matcha.

Transworld was the first certified USDA organic tea garden in China, and the first USDA organic matcha producing facility. The 200 hectares tea fields surrounding the factory include a Sino-Austrian Demonstration Organic Tea Garden of 33 hectares.

Parent company Zhejiang Tea Group (ZJT) was established in 1950, and is China’s largest exporter and the world’s largest green tea exporter. ZJT operates internationally, with operations across China and offices around the world to serve international tea brands.

Firsd Tea North America established operations in 2012 to service tea businesses in Canada, the US, and Mexico. The company provides wholesale and distribution services from its East and West coast locations.

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