NEWS: New Tea Accessory Debuts; Teatrap to Solve Key Tea Bag Issue

The tea accessory company THE CATCHER IN THE TEA recently unveiled its new product called the “teatrap”. A main issue that tea drinkers face (especially when drinking tea "on the go") is that there is often no adequate place to dispose of their used teabag (or to save it for later to reuse). The TEATRAP is a recyclable and disposable (and even reusable) receptacle that attaches firmly right to the tea drinker's cup, which seamlessly holds and stores the used teabag until it's discarded or ready to be reused. They're lightweight, handy, easy to transport, easy to use, and quite honestly, they just solve a problem that has always plagued most tea drinkers; suddenly there's somewhere to get rid of that messy teabag, wherever one may be.

Founded in September 2017, this brand new company donates a percentage of its profits to after-school programs in Philadelphia, as the owner/founder Lauren Geschel is both a high school teacher and debate coach. Her students were also instrumental in not only making her logo, but for creating and producing a rap that is based on her product.

Currently “patent pending”, the company hopes to attain full non-provisional patent status, and also expand from the disposable teatrap into the realm of silicone non-dispoasble teatraps. The owner also has many other ideas that she hopes to pitch to tea companies and stores all around the country, and eventually, the world.

“The long-term goal is for my disposable teatraps to be in such massive distribution that when someone orders take-out tea anywhere, it comes right on their cup (comparable to the sleeve). Also, I hope to have my silicone teatraps out in the marketplace. I also plan on going for it and actually applying to "Shark Tank"! 

I am psyched for this next phase of my invention, and hope everyone else is, too! It's been an exciting ride so far, and I hope to take this venture much, much further!”

The Catcher in the Tea LLC is a new company whose aim is to help Philadelphia youth, while solving an everyday problem for tea drinkers. Lauren Geschel, the owner and inventor of the ‘teatrap’, as well as a high school teacher in Philadelphia, opened this company in September 2017, the same month her new product reached “patent pending”status.

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