NEWS: Tea as a Specialty, Profitable, and Innovative Beverage Panel Takes Place April 30 at SIAL Canada

In addition to several tea and coffee hands-on workshops as part of Inspire Drink (#571) at SIAL Canada, the three day show taking place April 30 to May 2 at the Enercare Centre in Toronto is full of activities and will feature many panel discussions on the show floor through their Expert Hub (#1649), covering numerous topics in relation to food industry innovation.  Other presentations will take place as part of the educational conference, located in a separate conference presentation area; one of those presentations is a tea focused panel. . .

Be sure to register to attend at  Try using our code for a discounted badge: SIALTEA19

Tea as a Specialty, Profitable, and Innovative Beverage – Apr. 30, 3:30-4:15
Conference Presentation Area
Panel discussion featuring a famous/professional tea taster all the way from Sri Lanka (home to Ceylon tea) and tea industry pros who are accustomed to purchasing, serving, selling, and marketing tea and related products to all types of businesses. Discussion will include how to distinguish quality and consistency through taste and use of different grades of tea. Learn what distinguishes worldwide regional specialties in tea. Learn best practices in using tea as a profit center crossing over from a dessert beverage into cocktails, food pairings, and enticing today’s “foodies” to enjoy something healthier, tastier, and more trending or innovative than other beverages while you enjoy a better profit margin.
MODERATOR: Gail Gastelu, owner/publisher of The Tea House Times
Lisa Mac Innis, Director of Product Development at Sensio Inc.
Birendra Perera, Marketing Director at Mlesna Group, Mlesna Teas
Shabnam Weber, President at Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

Learn more about the conferences and panels and speakers on the SIAL website here.

Be sure to register to attend at  Try using our code for a discounted badge: SIALTEA19

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