NEWS: Grön Matcha is Making an 800 Year Old Japanese Tradition a hit with Millennials

Grön Matcha, a new Chicago food startup, aims to help bring the centuries old ceremonial tradition of matcha green tea to a new generation of tea to consumers via social media. Grön Matcha’s matcha is made with 100% organic matcha with no additives, sweeteners, or oils and sourced directly from the Nishio region of Japan, where family farmers have been growing and harvesting matcha green tea for over 800 years.

Matcha green tea is shelf-stable, conveniently powdered tea and it’s a perfect alternative to coffee and other caffeinated drinks. It has similar effects of coffee due to its caffeine and L-Theanine. The effects of caffeine can last up to 6 hours without a hard crash, which normally happens with coffee and energy drinks.

Behind the matcha is a brand that is focused on driving consumers to live healthy and adventurous lifestyles by providing them clean energy.

“We know that consumers are looking for a brand of matcha that is simply pure and clean. No sugar. Many brands out there today have additives that take aways from the amazing benefits of matcha…” explained Grön Matcha co-founder Zach Westerhoff. “And by making this available to active, health focused consumers - we are ready to bring our passion for matcha to the mainstream”

Grön Matcha’s Ceremonial Organic Matcha is available with free two-day shipping for amazon prime members. Matcha lovers can now purchase the 100% USDA Organic, NON-GMO Certified Matcha Tea Powder online at or on Amazon at

About Grön Matcha 
Grön Matcha empowers people to live healthy fulfilling lives, through long term health promoting products, fitness, and nutrition. We achieve this by sourcing nutrient and quality rich organic matcha products - a vital enhancement to everyday life. Grön Matcha’s idea of simple organic matcha was created to help to empower those to achieve anything. Get the most out of every day with matcha to help promote your overall health and wellness. For more information please visit

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