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NEWS: China High-End Green Tea Leading Brand Zhuyeqing Works with Discovery to Launch the Documentary "Source of Green Tea in the World"

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posted Sunday Apr 28, 2019 06:00 PM

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On April 20China high-end green tea leading brand Zhuyeqing and Discovery held a premiere in Chengdu for the "Source of Green Tea in the World".

The documentary "Source of Green Tea in the World" shows a long history of Chinese tea culture in the depths of the cloud.

Emei Alpine Green Tea region as the main origin of China green tea high-end brand Zhuyeqing in this documentary had stunning debut, at the premiere scene, the beautiful scenery of frames makes the audience exclaim frequently. "Emei Alpine is one of the home places of tea in the world, from the earliest discovery of green tea to its medicinal, drinking, eating and domestication, from wild domestication,  Artificial cultivation to today's high-tech fine production, after 4,000 years of history, is a natural green tea museum." praised Abram Sitzer, content director of Greater China Discovery Channel at the site.

Mr. Liu Zhilin, assistant general manager of bamboo leaf tea industry, said: "Emei alpine green tea has become an important part of green tea culture in China and even the world because of its unique human and geographical value. To inherit and develop this millennium culture is the duty and obligation of every Emei alpine tea enterprise. " It is hoped that in the future, under the leadership of Zhuyeqing tea, Emei alpine green tea will inject new force into the traditional culture with technical innovation, rely on the international platform, move towards a wider global market, and revitalize the Chinese tea industry.

"Source of Green Tea in the World" documentary shows the whole process of tea production, witnesses the innovative road of China's Emei Alpine green tea

In this "Source of Green Tea in the World" documentary, Emei unique tea planting, tea picking, tea making and other processes were displayed in one by one, so that more people understand the rapid development process of Chinese green tea with Zhuyeqing brand as the representative .

Throughout the audio-visual feast, the audience's most intuitive feeling is: Chinese Alpine green tea 4,000 years of cultural has breadth and depth, which is not a day work.

Emei Alpine Green tea brand With Zhuyeqing as the representative, pays attention to the heritage of traditional crafts and the combination of cutting-edge technology, so that Emei Alpine green tea has always occupied the mainstream position in Chinese tea culture. Abram Sitzer, content director of Discovery Channel Greater China, said: "We feel the quality requirements of Zhuyeqing, from the process of growing tea, picking, to hand picking tea, the standards are very strict."

Zhuyeqing not only adheres to the traditional artificial way of picking tea buds, there is 500g Zhuyeqing per 5 million selections; but also is In line with the world-class technology, using advanced green tea refining equipment, the largest preservation store in the southwest, precision incense technology to not only preserve the natural pure Emei flavor, but also create the unique delicate chestnut tea aroma of Zhuyeqing, as well as a new tea drinking experience all the time.

Zhao Yungeng, executive producer of  "Source of Green Tea in the World", also praised: "Emei Alpine is another polar countryside in China, its charm can not be separated from the strange and steep show tea garden, pre qingming chestnut fragrant tea buds, tea making process holder Zhuyeqing."

"Source of Green Tea in the World" documentary's ultimate Shock lens reveal the world's green tea source Emei Mountain

China tea category is numerous, of which Emei Alpine green tea is unique. With its long history and unique geographical environment, Emei is recognized as one of the birthplaces of green tea in the world.

Emei alpine green tea culture is inherited for thousands of years, which benefits from geographical advantages. It is located in 30 degrees north  golden tea belt, as a famous Huaxi rain screen area, there is perennial fog, which is the most suitable for tea growth.

Professor Tang qian of Sichuan Agricultural University shared at the premiere: "compared with flat ground tea, which absorbs direct light, Emei is famous for "tea in the forest, and forest in the tea", which makes alpine tea mainly absorb diffuse light, and create alpine tea acid, tea polyphenols and caffeine gold ratio, better taste and nutrition.

The Zhuyeqing in the documentary "Source of Green Tea in the World" restores the way of coexistence between man and nature

Zhuyeqing tea culture is a firm carrier of Emei mountain green tea, 10 years of high-end sales are far ahead. Mr. Liu Xiangyun, a master tea maker, said: "Zhuyeqing is rooted in Emei for 20 years. Each year, from February to March, the quality tea buds in each Emei 600-1500-meter golden tea-producing area have been tracked, and three major standards have also been formulated:' Alpine, pre-qingming, and tea buds', which creates Zhuyeqing Emei alpine green tea individual upright quality style and extreme experience. " So, it has been presented to Russian President Putin, Dmitry MedvedevPrince Monaco, etc., as a national gift for many times.

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