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NEWS: Embrace Your IndividualiTEA to Win $500 and a Year's Supply of Tea

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posted Sunday Nov 24, 2019 05:15 PM

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To celebrate the world's most popular beverage after water, the Tea Council of the USA is brewing up something special for tea enthusiasts across the nation with the fourth annual #IndividualiTEA Photo-Sharing Sweepstakes. For a chance to win $500, a year's supply of tea and a custom tea mug, simply steep a cup of black, green, white, oolong or dark tea and share your photo or video and description on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #IndividualiTEA and tag @TeaCouncil. To receive a bonus entry, follow the Tea Council of the USA on Instagram or Twitter at @TeaCouncil.

How will you express your #IndividualiTEA this hot tea season? The answer is in the cup! Whether you prefer tea steeped in tradition, brewed to perfection or with the spice just right, the Tea Council wants to hear it.

All true teas – black, green, white, oolong and dark – stem from the same plant, a warm-weather evergreen called Camellia sinensis, but every blend provides a unique flavor and personaliTEA depending on the way it is grown, harvested and prepared. Find the steep that suits you by discovering the story and characteristics of each true tea below.

Black Tea: Black tea is fully oxidized, leaving its leaves dark and flavor and aroma bold. A classic sip in the USA, over 84% of Americans take their tea black. Consider a hot mug of black tea as the perfect morning pick-me-up to enjoy first-thing before a busy day ahead.

Green Tea: Green tea does not undergo an oxidation process but instead is steamed or pan-fired, which causes the leaf to retain its vibrant color and produces a lighter, grassy taste. Reach for green tea to power through your late-afternoon slump or go beyond the teacup and work green tea powder into pasta dough for a unique flavor and bright green hue.

White Tea: Known for its delicate, nuanced flavor, white tea requires careful picking and selection. Pair a mug of white tea with a holiday cheese board – the appetizer of the season – for the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is partially oxidized and midway between black and green teas in strength and color. Swap your go-to cuppa for a hot oolong tea latte, complete with frothed milk and chai spices.

Dark Tea: Dark tea is an aged tea from China that is fermented after manufacturing. It is often made with a little more leaf per cup than other teas and is steeped in history, dating back to the 1500s. A lesser known brew, dark tea is an excellent choice to shake up your taste buds and liven up your cup with something new.

"Tea is much more than just a hot beverage and rather an integral part of Americans' everyday routines, with nearly 80% of all households nationwide keeping tea in their kitchens," says Peter Goggi, President of the Tea Council of the USA. "There are so many unique ways to enjoy this beloved beverage, and we are pleased to kick off the fourth annual #IndividualiTEA Sweepstakes."

The #IndividualiTEA sweepstakes runs through January 31, 2020, timed perfectly to celebrate America's fifth annual National Hot Tea Day on January 12, 2020. Visit the Tea Council of the USA or follow @TeaCouncil on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about the many unique characteristics of tea.

IndividualiTEA Photo-Sharing Sweepstakes Details

  • Share a photo or video and explanation of the ways, times, and places you like to cook with or sip your favorite tea (it can be as unique as you'd like!) on or on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #IndividualiTEA and tag @TeaCouncil.
  • You'll be prompted to finalize your entry for a chance to win at
  • To receive a bonus entry, follow the Tea Council of the USA on Instagram or Twitter at @TeaCouncil.

A copy of the official rules can be found here. Enter as many times as you'd like and don't forget to tag and tell your friends.

About the Tea Council of the USA:
The Tea Council of the USA is a non-profit association that was formed in 1950 as a joint partnership between tea packers, importers and allied industries within the United States, and the major tea producing countries. It functions as the promotional arm of the tea industry with a primary goal of increasing overall awareness of tea by providing information about its many positive attributes. One of the Council's primary objectives is the dissemination of key scientific findings about tea to the public. The Tea Council does this in several ways including: funding scientific meetings to bring tea researchers from around the world together to share key information and identify next steps for future research projects; and working with health organizations and international scientists to disseminate information about potential positive health effects of tea consumption on a public level.

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