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NEWS: Expert Tips for Perfect Pour-Over Coffee from Capresso

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posted Sunday Oct 28, 2018 05:15 PM

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Pour-over coffee is an art that combines fresh coffee beans, with hot water at just the right temperature, introduced with a controlled pour and even flow rate. Capresso brings brewing perfection home with the new Pour-Over Kettle and Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder – and these tips for enhancing your brew.

The Capresso Infinity Plus Grinder offers commercial-grade grinding via solid steel burrs, with an advanced cutting design. The innovative motor creates less friction and heat for more flavor and aroma, while minimizing static buildup. It grinds 1 to 12 cups, and the removable ground coffee container holds up to 4 ounces. The clear 11-ounce bean container offers added strength and showcases coffee beans inside. This grinder is easy to clean, with the advantage of removable upper burrs.

Go for a Precise Grind

Use a coarse to medium grind for pour-over brewing.  The Infinity Plus Grinder accommodates any brewing method, with 16 grind settings from extra fine to very coarse. 

Control the Water Temperature

The 40-oz. Capresso Pour-Over Kettle offers adjustable temperatures in 1º increments, Fahrenheit or Celsius.  It delivers the optimal brewing temperature of 195-205ºF for pour-over coffee, plus a wide temperature range for any type of tea, with a 30-minute keep warm option.  The stay-cool ergonomic handle, 360º swivel base, and LCD display with time and temperature add convenience. 

Always start with fresh, cold water.  Many baristas recommend a 1:17 ratio of ground coffee to water.

Control the Pour

The Pour-Over Kettle features an elegant gooseneck spout for a controlled pour and even flow rate.  First, saturate grounds completely and pause to let the ground coffee bloom.  Resume pouring 30 seconds later, always with a slow, controlled motion.

Monitor Extraction Time

Measure your extraction time, and aim to finish brewing 2½ to 4 minutes from the initial pour.

Experiment to Suit Your Taste

The pour-over method is highly personal, so experiment with different beans, coffee to water ratios, pour techniques, extraction times, and more.  For example, agitating coffee grounds while pouring creates more "body," similar to French press coffee – while avoiding agitation creates a "clean" finished cup, with delicate flavors and aromas.

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