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NEWS: Rainy Days No Problem for Galleria Vibrant Umbrellas and Rain Capes

image loading... by Gail Gastelu, Owner/Publisher, The Tea House Times
posted Sunday Feb 09, 2020 06:45 PM

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Gail Gastelu

Owner/Publisher, The Tea House Times

About Gail Gastelu

GAIL GASTELU is owner/publisher of The Tea House Times, producer of continuing education and online tea etiquette certification. She is also producer and presenter of Tea Course Fast Track and produces numerous other products and services to connect businesses and consumers to everything tea. Gail lives in NJ with her husband and two children. Her motto is "Just Do It!"

A warm cuppa tea may be just what you need on a rainy day but a pretty umbrella or rain cape might just brighten the day as well. 

Recently exhibited at NY NOW, this company has created a most unique line of reverse-close umbrellas that feature vibrant prints both inside and outside. Each of their distinctive prints can be purchased in long standard size as well as compact collapsible umbrellas.  Additionally, all of their umbrellas have matching travelling Rain Capes, which can be purchased separately.

Galleria Enterprises, moreover, offers a full line of scarves, bath robes, night shirts and pajama pants that feature prints that include famous works of art.

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