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NEWS: New Hot Teas Heading into a Cool Fall: The Hemp Division Releases CBD Hot Tea Blend

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posted Sunday Aug 02, 2020 05:15 PM

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With fall right around the corner, the hotter summer days will begin to fade away, and the quest for cozy beverages will begin to heat up. ​ ​The Hemp Division​ has released two of its newest hot teas,​ ​Sleep​ and​ ​Boom​. Both Sleep and Boom are created from unique tea blends featuring chocolate, coconut, and holy basil with potent CBD flowers and leaves.

Sleep​ is a new tea blend that dreams are made of: Holy basil, moringa, coconut pieces, and CBD-rich (25 MG) Hemp extract.​ Boom​​ is a tea blend of: Black tea, raw cacao nibs, and coconut pieces that are masterfully blended with CBD-rich hemp extract, flowers & leaves to create a blend that is booming with flavor.

Brothers, Paul and Michael Harney, co-founded ​The Hemp Division ​in 2018. The goal of The Hemp Division was to create body-relaxing, mood-elevating CBD infusions that deliver a cool, calm, and delicious experience like no other.

“Our new teas offer different blends that can add a little boom and sleep to normal routines,” said Paul Harney, co-founder of The Hemp Division. “The teas include potent CBD hemp flowers and leaves that combine with unique flavor profiles combining chocolate with coconut, and another combining flavors of holy basil and coconut.”

Both tea blends consist only of simple ingredients, which include:

Boom: ​​Potent CBD hemp flowers & leaves, coconut pieces, raw cacao nibs, black tea, chocolate flavor, coconut flavor, marigold petals, vanilla flavor, CBD hemp extract. There are ​22MG CBD per serving.

Sleep​: Potent CBD hemp flowers & leaves, organic moringa, turmeric, coconut pieces, holy basil, goji berries, nutmeg, CBD hemp extract. There are ​25 MG of Hemp Extract per serving.

The Sleep and Boom tea blends are available for purchase​ ​online​ from The Hemp Division. A box of 8 tea sachets is $12. To learn more about the tea blends, visit The Hemp Division website at:​ ​

The Hemp Division Instagram:​ ​
The Hemp Division Facebook:​ ​

About The Hemp Division
In 2018, brothers Michael and Paul Harney launched​ ​The Hemp Division​, a line of all-natural, handcrafted CBD teas. The Hemp Division’s CBD unique infusions deliver a cool, calm, and delicious experience, and strives to make everyday just a little nicer. The Hemp Division’s philosophy begins from the roots up, sourcing unique ingredients and grow their own hemp to create high quality blends. Natural and honest products, handcrafted in the Hempire State.​ ​

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