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NEWS: RAVE Reviews Releases Ranking of the Best Green Tea

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posted Sunday May 26, 2019 05:30 PM

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 RAVE Reviews, the innovative site that publishes entertaining rankings based on advanced data-driven analysis, has published a ranking of the "Best Green Tea," available at

People in the West often view tea as a humble beverage that is mostly consumed by people who don't enjoy the almighty coffee. This is far from the truth. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world (aside from water), is deeply interwoven and held in high regard in many cultures, has a mainstream political movement named after it, and has even been a contributing factor to wars breaking out. Yeah, tea is a pretty big deal. This is without even mentioning the awesome health benefits that accompany tea. Tea quality varies greatly, so RAVE Reviews teed up a list of the best-tasting, highest-quality green teas available.

Why solely focus on green tea when there is such a diverse selection of teas to choose from? Well, all tea actually comes from the same parent species of tea plant. In other words, there is no green, black, or oolong tea plant. Out of all the varieties of tea, green tea is the one that is in its most unprocessed form, meaning it has the most robust array of benefits. The staff at RAVE is all about originality and getting the maximum benefit, so green tea was an obvious choice. If you aren't sure where to start, go with RAVE's number one pick, Tao of Tea's Jasmine Pearls Green Tea. If that isn't your thing, RAVE has also included traditional, matcha, gunpowder, and flavored varieties of green tea. Several different options were covered so that everyone really could find their cup of tea in this ranking.

"I drink so much coffee that I sometimes forget how wonderful green tea is. It tastes great and has been proven to have benefits ranging from the prevention of multiple chronic diseases to elevated cognitive function," said Hillary Miller, Marketing Coordinator for RAVE Reviews. "You have a lot to gain from drinking green tea. This ranking lays out some of the best options available."

In determining which teas to feature, RAVE compared reviews from sources across the internet and took into account multiple factors such as overall quality of the tea, taste profile, price, and the packaging material and method.

The full list of featured products includes:

Babingtons In Tè Veritas - Rome, Italy

Benjamin Tea Pomegranate Green - Chicago, Illinois

Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo - Millerton, New York

Numi Gunpowder Green - Oakland, California

Rishi Sencha Green Tea - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sazen Matcha Saiho no Mukashi - Kyoto, Japan

Steep it Real Dragon Well Green Tea - Wheaton, Illinois

Tealyra Gyokuro Green Tea - Champlain, New York

The Republic of Tea People's Green Tea - Novato, California

The Tao of Tea Jasmine Pearls Green Tea - Portland, Oregon

RAVE Reviews is an authoritative and entertaining guide for consumer goods, entertainment, and travel. It's not a product review site or a lifestyle magazine. But if those two met on an online dating site, 9 months later, you'd have RAVE Reviews.

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