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NEWS: The Most Expensive Tea from the Oldest Trees - Now Available

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posted Sunday Sep 22, 2019 05:15 PM

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For those new to the world of tea, this is an exciting opportunity of which you should not partake.  With only a few Ancient trees left in existence and their leaves saved and sold only to government and royalty, Ancient Pu'erh should be curated for those that can appreciate a cup so rare.  California Tea House, a boutique of the finest tea located in Los Angeles, got their hands on a small batch through a very gratuitous, insider connection.  For true pu'erh officianados, this is a rare, special treat that they are proud to share with you.

Ancient Pu'erh comes from Kun Lu Royal tea farm famous for its historic trees used to make royal tribute tea for Chinese emperors.  If you are ready to enjoy an epic tale, who better to tell that story than a cup from the trees that have survived centuries. 

The ancient trees have witnessed the change in tea production and how tea has become a quantity over quality commodity.  When the first ripe pu'erh was created in 1973, it became easy to mass produce teas that fast-forward years of natural fermentation. Forced to age before their time, those young leaves from cultivated shrubs show a rebellious nature having a flavor hard to accept even despite the health benefits.

Undergoing the traditional, natural and unforced fermentation process, Ancient Pu'erh tea leaves reveal mellow and smooth notes of wood, honeysuckle, tobacco, walnuts and vanilla.  They have a flavor very rich and complex, yet light and exhilarating. Being the only tea type produced from ancient trees, pu'erh not only has an exceptional character, but many effects on health and body all backed up by science.  Famous for aiding digestion, lowering bad cholesterol, aiding weight loss more efficiently than green tea1, reducing body mass index and improving the lipid profile2, pu'erh has been a favorite tea choice after meal for many avid tea drinkers. Being able to reduce heaviness in the stomach after a rich meal, it is a must needed addition to any tea cabinet during feasting holidays.

Ancient Pu'erh is a tea of transformations and unshaken character of nature hidden deep within the layers of flavor. California Tea House is proud to have this tea as a part of their exclusives list and hope it will broaden your tea horizons if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a bag before it runs out. Shop and learn more about California Tea House premium teas at their online tea store.  

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