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NEWS: Single-Serve Brand Güdpod Launches Fully Compostable Coffee, Tea and Espresso Pods to the North American Market

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posted Sunday Jun 27, 2021 03:30 PM

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 Güdpod Corp. announced today the signing of an exclusive partnership with Imper SpA (Milano, Italy) for the North American distribution rights of its patented, compostable, pod-based beverage technology Güdpod Compostables™. These first-of-their- kind pods are compatible with Keurig® K-Cup® coffee & tea and Nespresso® espresso pod brewing platforms but set themselves apart due to being 100% compostable in only 90 days in commercial composting facilities and offer a 24-month guarantee. 

"Although single-serve brewing systems have revolutionized how we consume coffee, tea and espresso beverages, more and more consumers are concerned by the tremendous waste of single-use plastic and aluminum and the damage to our environment", notes Chris Rohde, Güdpod ® CEO. Less than 10% of all plastic produced gets recycled. Unlike other pods on the market, Güdpod® compostable technology does not use virgin plastic, metals, or petrochemicals in its cups nor does it require a cup to be disassembled by the consumer to be recycled.

Eight years of development and an €180MM ($214M+ USD) R&D investment has resulted in Imper's creation of this innovative pod technology that not only offers all the advantages of an encapsulated coffee and espresso pod but is also fully compostable. The pod's plant-based multi-layer substrate protects the contents from oxygen, light, and moisture degradation for a full 24 months. Once the pods are used and recycled, they fully biodegrade in 90 days in commercial composting facilities. All Güdpod® compostable capsules have been rigorously tested and fully certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute® (BPI) and numerous other sustainability organizations.

Güdpod® founded on the principle of bringing disruptive innovation to the health & wellness space with its single-serve smoothie and shake nutritional platform and is now proud to innovate the coffee, tea and espresso category with sustainable compostable pod technology. Through its partnership with Imper SpA, Güdpod® is able to deliver all the quality and convenience of single serve brewing platforms in an environmentally friendly format you can feel good about using at home or in the office.

Today Güdpod® compostable pods are available in Mitaly™ branded Keurig® K-Cup® and Nespresso® compatible pods. Mitaly™ is a premium Italian coffee and espresso beverage brand available in a variety of roasts and flavor profiles to please the most discerning palates. Güdpod® is currently in conversations to bring additional brands of premium roasters and specialty retailers to this new, innovative technology. Look out for your favorite brew online and in stores and offices nationwide.

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About Güdpod:
Güdpod's goal is to bring fast, mess-free, and sustainable single-serve solutions to the home or away-from-home. We believe everyone should have access to superior nutrition and flavor with convenience and ease. With meticulous care, we pack top-quality nutritional supplementation into smoothies and wellness beverages. Our focus is to innovate new products and brewing platforms to support health and vitality while exciting the palates of our consumers.

About Imper SpA:
Innovation, efficiency, quality excellence, style and design are the founding values of Imper SpA which is a diversified industrial group in the household appliance, automotive, electrical, civil, and medical categories for more than 50 years. 

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