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MEMBER NEWS: Global Tea Championship Presents Medals at Single-Serve Hot and Iced Small Batch Tea Evaluation

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posted Monday Feb 19, 2018 12:00 AM

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The Global Tea Championship (GTC) presented 58 gold, silver and bronze medals to the best single-serve hot and iced small batch teas during its recent evaluation, Jan. 20 - 21 in Boulder, Colo. The Global Tea Championship is an independent competition that evaluates and distinguishes the highest quality and best tasting specialty teas.
All Global Tea Championship winners will be featured in an upcoming Global Tea Buyers Guide. In addition, all winners will have the opportunity to showcase their winning teas at World Tea Expo 2018 in the GTC Winners' Tasting Circle (if they are exhibiting or attending the show). They'll also have a chance to win a People's Tea Choice Award, as voted upon by World Tea Expo attendees. World Tea Expo takes place June 12 - 14, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (with a pre-conference program June 10 - 11). See
To learn more about the Global Tea Championship, upcoming evaluations and how to enter, visit or e-mail
Winners of the Global Tea Championship Single-Serve Hot and Iced Small Batch Evaluation include:
Single Cup
Black (Single Origin)
Bronze: Crystal Geyser/Teajava Tea, Teajava Original Black Tea
Black (Single Origin)
Silver: Newby Teas, Assam Tea Bags
Bronze: Walters Bay, Walters Bay English Breakfast
Black Blended
Silver: Newby Teas, Masala Chai Tea Bags
Bronze: Firepot Nomadic Teas, Soul Revival
Breakfast - Black
Silver: Walters Bay, Walters Bay English Breakfast
Bronze: Farmer Brothers Co., Artisan English Breakfast Sachet
Black Flavored
Silver: Farmer Brothers Co., Farmer Brothers Tropical Sunrise Tea Bag
Bronze: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Earl Grey
Green Blended
Silver: Newby Teas, Moroccan Mint Tea Bags
Green Flavored
Silver: Tea Forte, Organic Cherry Blossom Hanami
Bronze: Newby Teas, Jasmine Blossom Tea Bags
Green Pan Fired
Bronze: Farmer Brothers Co., Farmer Brothers Green Tea Bag
Green Steamed
Bronze: Shohokuenchaten Co., Ltd., Uji Gyokuro Tea Bag
Green Steamed Matcha
Bronze: Firepot Nomadic Teas, Illuminated Mind
Gold: Newby Teas, Chamomile Tea Bags
Silver: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Mint Melange
Bronze: SerendipiTea, Ginger
Herbal Blended
Silver: Teazen, Floral Scent of Pyeongchang
Bronze: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Verbena Mint

Herbal Flavored
Gold: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Chamomile Yuzu
Silver: Florapharm Tea USA, Teabreak Sunberry Fruit Infusion
Bronze: Celestial Seasonings, Lemon Lavender Lane Herbal Tea
Functional Tea
Silver: Celestial Seasonings, Sleepytime Detox Herbal Supplement
Bronze: Fertile Foods Inc., Organic Fertility Tea by Moontime Tea
Dark Oolong
Bronze: Teatulia Organic Teas, Teatulia Oolong Tea
Green Oolong
Silver: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic Iron Goddess
Oolong Flavored
Bronze: Newby Teas, Milk Oolong Tea Bags
Pu-erh/Dark Flavored
Silver: The Tea Spot, Bolder Breakfast
Pu-erh/Dark Tea
Silver: SerendipiTea, PuErh
Rooibos Flavored
Silver: Mighty Leaf Tea, Organic African Nectar
Bronze: Newby Teas, Rooibos Orange Tea Bags
White Blended
Bronze: Caribbean Cure Ltd., Cardamom Antioxidant
White Flavored
Bronze: SerendipiTea, White Peach
Silver: Cusa Tea, Organic English Breakfast
Green Blended
Gold: Pique Tea, Pique Tea Crystals-Jasmine
Green Flavored
Silver: Cusa Tea, Mango Green Tea
Green Steamed
Gold: Pique Tea, Pique Tea Crystals-Sencha Japanese Green Tea
Herbal Blended
Gold: Pique Tea, Pique Tea Crystals-Hibiscus Mint
Small Batch Iced
Flavored Black
Silver: China Mist, Fiesta Fria
Bronze: SerendipiTea, Lili'uokalani
Black Straight
Silver: PT Harendong Green Farm, Organic Premium Black Tea
Bronze: Florapharm Tea USA, Black Tea Ceylon BOP Somerset
Flavored Green
Silver: SerendipiTea, Coconutty Nilsson
Bronze: China Mist, China Mist Coconut Pineapple Naturally Flavored Iced Green Tea
Flavored Oolong
Bronze: La Crème Coffee & Tea, Devon's Heaven Tea
Flavored White
Gold: Teasource, Machu Peach-u
Flavored Pu-erh/Dark
Gold: The Tea Spot, Bolder Breakfast
Flavored Herbal/Tisane
Silver: Teatulia Organic Teas, Teatulia Hibiscus Berry Iced Herbal Tea
Bronze: Florapharm Tea USA, Strawberry Guava Natural
Flavored Rooibos
Gold: The Tea Spot, Blood Orange Smoothie
Blended Herbal
Silver: China Mist, China Mist Berry Hibiscus Iced Herbal Tea
Bronze: Teapigs, Liquorice & Peppermint Iced Tea
Herbal Straight
Bronze: Kasira Tea, "Perla Negra" Whole Fruit Cascara
Straight Oolong
Silver: PT Harendong Green Farm, Organic Premium Oolong Tea
Blended Rooibos
Gold: SerendipiTea, Red Oz
Judges Choice
SerendipiTea, Jasmine Green
Firsd Tea North America, LLC, Toasted Pu-erfection
"I would like to congratulate the winners of the recent Global Tea Championship competition," said Scott Svihula, founder of Orlando, Fla.-based Hula Consulting, an independent tea consultancy, and one of the GTC evaluators. "You should be very proud of your teas, as they're some of the highest quality and best tasting specialty teas."
Sponsors of this Global Tea Championship evaluation included: Equipment Sponsor - Wilbur Curtis, a leading manufacturer of tea brewers and accessories. Water Sponsor - GC Water, which provides the best water treatment products in the industry, as well as innovative ways to customize water for product enhancement.
Other GTC judges for this evaluation included Rob McCaleb, founder and president of the Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colo., and Gilbert Kendzior, owner of All Points Tea Consulting in Wilmington, N.C.
The next Global Tea Championship will take place in March for the Fall Harvest Loose Tea Evaluation. Of note: A new category for 2018 is the "Unique Tea Open Class." This category is for teas such as small batch teas, teas with unique processing methods, one-of-a-kind teas, etc. Some examples could include African Purple Tea, First Flush Japanese Black Tea, Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea from China, Lotus Tea from Vietnam, etc. Svihula said, "What's great about this category is that there are no limits to how many teas a company can enter, and how many medals can be given out."
To learn more about the Global Tea Championship, visit

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