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NEWS: Sweet Leaf Tea Available Online for Purchase

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posted Sunday Apr 12, 2020 09:54 PM

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Purity Organic, a trusted provider of delicious organic beverages, is launching a limited set of Sweet Leaf Tea 16 oz products for sale nationwide on The direct-to-consumer launch comes after the December purchase of the iconic Sweet Leaf Brand.

"We can't wait to get Sweet Leaf back into the hands of our customers online," said Bill Porter, VP of Marketing at Purity Organic. "We are continuing to work with regional distributors to get products back on shelves, but given the current global crisis we are hoping some organic tea and juice delivered to your door will bring a bit of joy."

The Sweet Leaf Products Available Online include:

Texas Honey Tea: We brewed semi-sweet black tea with organic honey to bring you one classic and deliciously Southern favorite: Texas honey tea. Sweetened with organic honey, you can now enjoy the taste of Texas anywhere.

Mint & Honey Green Tea: We brewed a premium green tea with mint and organic honey, for a refreshing Sweet Leaf original. Sweet and smooth premium green tea is balanced by the sweetness of organic honey.

Half & Half Lemonade Tea: Black tea and lemonade combine for one delicious and classically Southern tea. Enjoy this smooth and organic black tea balanced by notes of citrus from lemon juice, sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Original Iced Tea: Slow-brewed smooth black tea sweetened with pure cane sugar makes this original tea a deliciously Southern treat, perfect for any time of day.

Peach Iced Tea: Sweet and satisfying organic black tea is balanced by a refreshing peach taste. This sweet tea is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Raspberry Tea: Slow-brewed and refreshing black tea, sweetened with pure cane sugar for just a hint of Southern sweetness, is balanced by a tart raspberry taste, ready to be enjoyed any time of day.

Semi-Sweet Lemon Tea: This organic tea is sweetened with just enough pure cane sugar for the perfect hint of sweet, Southern flavor, for morning, noon or golden hour.

Unsweet Lemon Tea: For those that like to keep things simple, this tea is the perfect fix. This slow-brewed black tea is just 10 calories per bottle, bringing that perfect hint of flavor directly to your taste buds.

Classic Lemonade: Tart, refreshing and sweet, our Classic Lemonade is made for spring and summer days. With pure cane sugar, it's the perfect refreshment for any sunny afternoon -- that tart citrus and and sweet cane sugar team up for the classic lemonade taste you remember.

Pomegranate Blueberry Lemonade: Tart and tangy but still refreshing and sweet, this lemonade was made for spring and summer afternoons. Tart pomegranate and sweet blueberries are balanced by notes of citrus from the lemonade, then sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Orange Mango Lemonade: Sweet and refreshing, orange mango lemonade is here to quench your thirst. Mango and orange flavors are balanced by the lemony citrus and sweetened with cane sugar.

For more information, please contact Bill

About Purity Organic, Inc.

Purity Organic is an organic food company based in Oakland, CA focusing on better for you products. At Purity Organic, we think organic and delicious is the way we should all be able to drink. At a price we can all feel good about.

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