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NEWS: Zhuyeqing The Epitome of Chinese Green Tea Ranks High in the "2021 Global Top 10 Luxury Tea Brands"

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posted Sunday Feb 28, 2021 05:00 PM

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On February 24, 2021, Chinese brand Zhuyeqing ranked high in the "2021 Global Top 10 Luxury Tea Brands", a global list that is compiled exclusively by one of the top three brand valuation organizations, World Brand Lab, to rank the best international high-end tea brands in the world. Health is one of the hottest topics globally at the moment, and this ranking also reflects this consumer trend to some degree. Zhuyeqing, also known as "The benchmark of Chinese Green Tea", is the only Chinese luxury tea brand on the list. Zhuyeqing performs well in terms of health benefits and joins the list together with Harney & Sons (one of two American companies that made it on the rankings) and Twinings (tea company from the U.K. with many types of herbal teas and enjoyed by many around the world).

World Brand Lab is a world-leading brand consultation, research, and evaluation organization, and has conducted research on over 80,000 mainstream brands from 60 countries around the world since 2003, and has established a database for brands around the world. It has a globally authoritative reputation for brand evaluation, and has compiled and published its "World's 500 Most Influential Brands" for 17 consecutive years which has become the standard for brand valuation around the world. As the world consumer market for tea grows, the health benefits of tea are also gaining widespread attention. In the past 10 months, World Brand Lab has conducted systematic investigation into approximately 300 well-known tea brands from over 20 countries including the U.K., U.S., FranceIndiaSri LankaChinaJapanSingapore, and other countries with developed tea industries and evaluated them in a model with three core indicators, based on brand strength, consumer value-added and enterprise development. After a series of collation and analysis of objective data and public information, the data was filtered and compared. Finally, the list of the global top 10 luxury tea brands from 8 countries was made.

Besides ranking the brands, this research also involved comparative studies on Twinings (U.K.), Zhuyeqing, and other classic tea brands and an analysis report was produced. The report reveals the state of development of the world luxury tea market and makes predictions for the tea industry and consumption in the future. The global tea market is developing steadily, and the influence of quality, health benefits, brand name, and other factors, on consumer's choice of tea is becoming increasingly significant. A study from the Tea Association of the USA shows that the new generation of US consumers place more importance on health, and have a preference for herbal and green tea. For the Chinese brand that made it on the rankings, Zhuyeqing, its teas have a relatively higher concentration of amino acids due to clouds and mist of the high altitudes of the mountainous growing region. This has bestowed it with more natural and healthier characteristics, and uniquely stands on its own from the other international high-end tea brands. As the global pandemic continues, consumer awareness of health has heightened and there has been high growth in health consumption including interest and consumption of tea. The advantages of high-end tea brands in terms of health characteristics will further enhance competitiveness in the international market.

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