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NEWS: Harney & Sons has taken tea to a whole new celestial level with their recently released Harney Zodiac Collection!

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posted Sunday Nov 21, 2021 09:15 PM

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Harney & Sons has taken tea to a whole new celestial level with their recently released Harney Zodiac Collection! Recently acknowledged by PopSugar, tea lovers can choose their tea based on their astrological sign. Each 50 sachet bag is now available for purchase ($21) at Below is descriptions of each:

  • Scorpio & African Autumn - What do you get when you combine great passion and assertiveness with a calm, cool demeanor? You get Scorpio and African Autumn. Scorpios are expressive and emotional trailblazers who have a somewhat laidback, mysterious side, while African Autumn, with its bold earthy flavors, is an herbal blend whose straightforward, no-holds-barred taste belies its calm, “it’s cool” decaf side.
  • Sagittarius & Ginger Liquorice - We’re pretty sure a Sagittarius came up with our Ginger Liquorice tea because only an adventurous, enthusiastic extrovert would have been so bold as to come up with a tea that is as independent and freewheeling as a Sagittarius! And much like the sign it’s paired with, Ginger Liquorice doesn’t care if you like it or not, because it knows it’s awesome! We love tea and a trait that is secure in who they are.
  • Capricorn & Earl Grey Pu-Erh - Our Earl Grey Pu-Erh was divinely inspired by the traits of Capricorns: a traditional tea with a down-to-earth quality. It’s a tea suited for responsible, disciplined grownups who can at times be stubborn but appreciate quality craftsmanship, which is exactly what this tea represents. The fermented earthiness of Pu-Erh along with the time-honored cuppa Earl Grey is just what a Capricorn needs while keeping his, her, or their nose to the grindstone.
  • Aquarius & Indigo Punch - All an Aquarius wants to do is make the world a better place. If you’ve had our Indigo Punch tea, then you already know the peaceful feelings both its beautiful color and bright flavors inspire. With blue as their spirit color, Aquarians are doubly drawn to Indigo Punch’s irresistible beauty, like a siren song. Only it’s tea, and it won’t hurt you. Whether they’re drinking a cuppa over an intellectual convo or making a plan to save the whales, Aquarians are feeling anything but blue when they drink Indigo Punch.
  • Pisces & Island Dreams - Intuitive and compassionate, gentle and romantic, Pisces have strong emotional relationships with those around them. Their love of music and a dreamy inner spiritual life complete their connection to Island Dreams. Is it the sound of steel drums they hear in their heads when they open a tin and let the island aromas waft over them that causes them to instantly say “Ya, mon”? We suggest you find a Pisces, give them a cuppa Island Dreams and see the chemistry for yourself.
  • Aries & Organic Rooibos Chai - There is no way an Aries isn’t immediately attracted to the fire-red color of Organic Rooibos Chai. The bold flavors and spice perfectly mimic and complement the energy and in-your-face enthusiasm of this sign’s “Oh yeah, you’re on! Bring it!” personality. Fortunately for the already souped-up Aries, this tea is naturally decaf; no added zoom needed!
  • Taurus & Earl Grey Supreme - When nothing but the best will do, a Taurus will turn to a tea that practically screams “supreme quality” as loudly as the whistle of a tea kettle. They share common traits of loving the finer things in life and being determined to get their way, as Earl Grey Supreme will never back down from being the finest cuppa you’ll ever drink. Perfect for those times Taurus is ready to explore their calm, serene side.
  • Gemini & Yellow and Blue - Like two peas in a pod, Gemini and Yellow & Blue were born to pair up! The bright floral flavors of this herbal blend tea are as lively as a perky Gemini. If that wasn’t enough, yellow is Gemini’s spirit color, and lavender is one of Gemini’s fave flowers, so yellow & blue are strong with this sign. Twin superpowers unite!
  • Cancer & Victorian London Fog - Because Cancers are always in touch with their feelings and like to surround themselves with people they care deeply about, it’s no wonder that they also feel most comfortable when they wrap themselves in the comforting flavors of Victorian London Fog. If bergamot, lavender, and vanilla don’t give you all the feels, what will?
  • Leo & Hot Cinnamon Spice - Wondering what Leo and Hot Cinnamon Spice have in common? Everything! Bold, passionate, warm, and natural-born leaders are qualities that describe both of them to a tea! The amazing in-your-face spices of HCS come roaring at you just like Leo taking center stage and before you know it, will be ruling your tea cabinet. Just run with it, it’s all good.
  • Virgo & Wedding Tea - When you need something done right, all the “t”s crossed and “i”s dotted, you need a Virgo. And when they are turning their full attention to detail, Virgos say “I do” to a cuppa Wedding Tea, a perfect marriage of a gently flavorful white tea that will never distract from the job at hand. A wedding demands careful planning and attention, which makes Wedding Tea the perfect mate for Virgo.
  • Libra & Dragon Pearl Jasmine - At the core of a Libra’s personality is the desire for harmony, being in a partnership, and sharing with others. Their love of symmetry, balance, and artistry is reflected perfectly in the beauty of the hand-rolled pearls of tea that make Dragon Pearl Jasmine so unique and perfect for sharing. This tea’s balled-up inner life also mirrors that of the reflective and contemplative Libra – mysterious and imaginative!

About Harney & Sons

Harney & Sons Tea is a family-owned and operated global tea company founded by John Harney in 1983. The company grew quickly from its original six tea flavors to more than three hundred with three generations of Harneys preserving John’s tradition of producing fine tea after traveling the world in search of the best ingredients. Headquartered in Millerton, New York, the family business sells its tea online as well as in luxury shops, coffee shops, and retailers around the world. Some of its bestselling tea includes chamomile, Earl Grey, hot cinnamon spice, organic peppermint, and pomegranate Oolong. Rich in tradition and experience, Harney & Sons sources, blends, and packages its products. You may follow Harney & Sons on Instagram (@harneyteas) and on Facebook.

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