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NEWS: KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea Gives Back to Communities in the Midst of the Pandemic

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posted Sunday Apr 19, 2020 05:45 PM

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KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea Gives Back to Communities in the Midst of the Pandemic

As this global company donates and provides to those hardest hit in the U.S., it’s working to medically prepare those in its native country.

KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is the antioxidant-rich “super-tea” known for doing good things for your health, and in these unprecedented times, this ready-to-drink beverage is extending its good nature to help multiple communities.

Founder Martin Kabaki has been busy coordinating the company’s outreach across the globe, closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation in his home country of Kenya. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the tea brand is committed to working with nonprofit organizations in connecting underserved communities with the resources they need.

During this crisis, KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea continues to support underserved communities by donating to several local organizations that are helping to feed the hungry in several U.S. cities. The company is currently partnered with the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles which feeds around 3,000 people per week; the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank in Seattle that assists 500 to 1000 people per week; and in New York, donations are being made to the NYC Food Bank. KABAKI is continuing to connect with organizations across the country to see how they can help.

In addition to working with charitable organizations, KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is giving back to the essential workers battling the outbreak every day. The company is providing them some much-needed hydration with its own ready-to-drink beverage.

“KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea has been working with several organizations and food banks in some of the hardest-hit cities in the U.S. to make sure everyone has access to essential goods,” Kabaki said. “We've also been donating free cases of purple tea to those risking their lives on the front lines such as healthcare workers, retail workers, caregivers, teachers, restaurant staff, EMT's, police officers, firefighters, small businesses, and so much more.”

Across the world, Kabaki keeps close tabs on his hometown. In 2012, the Kabaki family established a non-profit medical clinic Kijiji (meaning village in Swahili), near Naivasha to serve more patients and offer more services to area locals.

He stays in constant communication with his mother Veronica Kabaki and Kijiji founder, to ensure the hospital is prepared for a possible intake of new patients. Hospital staff have been working extra hours to ensure the facility is fully stocked and has enough personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves. Together, they plan to create an extra, dedicated ward for treating anyone infected with COVID-19 if the situation worsens.

According to Kabaki, kidney disease brought on by diets high in sugar and inaccessible health care is a growing trend in Kenya. He explains that Kijiji Hospital and staff must work harder to take as many precautions as possible to make sure they can safely treat their dialysis patients during this pandemic as it sees a large number weekly. Dialysis usually needs to be done twice a week, and can take a toll on the body as it compromises the immune system.

“Back in my home of Kenya, fortunately, the pandemic hasn't hit as significantly as it has in other countries,” he said. “We hope the numbers continue to stay low. However, our goal is to keep supporting Kenyan communities in any way we can.”

Successful participation in these charitable projects doesn’t happen overnight. KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is a veteran at spearheading multiple give back initiatives. In addition to supporting Kijiji Hospital, the company also partners with NGO charitable organizations contributing more ways to give back to those who do so much to grow this precious purple leaf tea to share with the world.

About KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea: Sharing this rare-grown purple-leaf tea with the world is one way Martin Kabaki is bringing awareness to the rural mountain regions of Kenya. The ready-to-drink beverage that’s low in sugar and caffeine contains purple tea leaves that don’t just grow anywhere. They come from the area near The Great Rift Valley, in a unique microclimate that results from the high elevation areas and rich red volcanic soil where the high sun enriches the leaves and turns them purple as they grow. Known as the “super tea,” it contains more antioxidants, polyphenols and health benefits than green and black varieties. KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is non-GMO certified, organically and sustainably grown, and brewed and bottled in the USA.     

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