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NEWS: Waffle House and Royal Cup Coffee & Tea Celebrate 50 Years of Brewing the "Perfect Blend"

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posted Sunday Sep 26, 2021 05:45 PM

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The perfect coffee blend and a handshake set in motion a partnership that has lasted 50 years.  Today, Waffle House joins Royal Cup Coffee & Tea ("Royal Cup") in celebrating that exclusive partnership.

Since 1971, Royal Cup has provided Waffle House with its signature coffees – Waffle House Classic Blend and Premium Decaf, while later adding Specialty Dark Roast.  Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Royal Cup has applied its customized roasting process to create a sweet, smooth coffee, rich in flavor and aroma that Waffle House Customers have enjoyed for five decades.

The partnership has percolated along nicely for 50 years, and began with a gentlemen's agreement between two friends, much like the origins of Waffle House itself. 

"Friendship has been an important ingredient in our company's success, from the friendship between our founders, Joe Rogers, Sr. and Tom Forkner, the friendships formed between our employees and Customers in the restaurants, and the strong tie of friendship that has bound Royal Cup and Waffle House together for so many years," Waffle House President and CEO, Walt Ehmer said.  "And that's why this has been such a very, very special relationship."

That relationship has created what has become a well-received pairing of several Waffle House favorites with steaming cups of the exclusive, Royal Cup signature brews.

"We believe that Waffle House coffee has earned its place as the natural complement to these world-famous waffles," Royal Cup President and CEO, William ("Chip") L. Wann, Jr. said. "Waffle House Customers know what to expect from Royal Cup; and that is a consistent, quality cup every time. We are committed to the Waffle House team and all Waffle House Customers to remain your trusted partner for the next 50 years and beyond."

Waffle House coffee begins as 100% Arabica beans grown in the breathtakingly, rugged landscape and rich volcanic soil of Central and South America.  Handpicked on family-owned farms, Waffle House coffee is high-grown and comprised of only the most select beans found in the entire world.

About Waffle House - Waffle House® restaurants have been a mainstay for American dining since the first restaurant opened in Avondale Estates, GA, in 1955. Today the Waffle House system operates 1,950 restaurants in 25 states. Waffle House restaurants are known for serving more than a billion waffles and also serving the most waffles, T-bones, hashbrowns and grits in the world. Our glowing Yellow Sign is recognized far and wide for being a welcoming beacon to all after storms and on all holidays. 

About Royal Cup - Royal Cup Coffee & Tea is the proven leader in sourcing, roasting, blending and providing high-quality coffees and fine teas since 1896 and is the chosen partner for restaurants, hotels, offices and commuters across the country. Royal Cup is a company rooted in a longstanding tradition of coffee roasting excellence, that takes pride in its unparalleled dedication to customer care. For more information, visit, or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

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