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NEWS: NuZee (d/b/a/ Coffee Blenders®) And Golden Ratio Sign Co-Packing Agreement For Single-Serve Coffee Bags

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posted Sunday Jul 19, 2020 05:00 PM

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NuZee, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUZE) ("NuZee" or "the Company"), a specialty coffee company and a leading U.S. single serve coffee producer and co-packer, announced that it has signed a co-packing agreement with Golden Ratio, an Austin-based startup that roasts gold coffee. Under the terms of the agreement, NuZee will prepare and custom package Golden Ratio's coffee into single serve "tea bag style" coffee pouches as it received orders from Golden Ratio. Production at NuZee's facility in Vista, California commenced in May 2020.

Teaming with NuZee, Golden Ratio is poised to disrupt the coffee category with a craft beverage that—true to its name—is golden. By roasting its beans at lower temperatures and for a longer period of time, Golden Ratio created "gold coffee," which tastes like tea while having the caffeine kick you expect from coffee. This new coffee is also five times less acidic than regular coffee and can easily be brewed hot or cold thanks to the tea bag style format provided by NuZee. Its luxuriously smooth flavor is keto-friendly with zero sugar or additives.

At launch, Golden Ratio is offering two flavored varieties, Vanilla Coconut and Chai Spiced, as well as an original flavor designed with intermittent fasters in mind. Vanilla Coconut is blended with natural vanilla flavors and toasted coconut for a subtle sweetness and smooth finish. Chai is blended with traditional flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, allspice and ginger for a cup of comfort that's familiar and refreshing. Original has a very subtle, nutty flavor that's easy on taste buds and digestion, particularly important to those who morning fast or are looking for a gentler coffee that still provides ample caffeine.

"Golden Ratio sought to create the ideal balance between flavor, convenience and sustainability," said Clark Nowlin, Co-Founder and CEO of Golden Ratio. "NuZee was the perfect partner to help us accomplish this with eco-friendly, single-serve coffee pouches. We are excited to continue working together to help our customers start their day the Golden way."

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 48% of Americans are looking to change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment. Meanwhile, demand for single serve coffee, which tends to come in unnecessary single-use plastic pods, is booming. NuZee, the largest U.S. co-packer of alternative single serve coffee formats serves brands that cater to environmentally-conscious customers who also prioritize convenience.

"Now more than ever we are committed to supporting independent coffee roasters like Golden Ratio in their quest to bring eco-friendly and flavorful brews to coffee lovers," said Travis Gorney, NuZee Chief Marketing Officer. "Manufactured at our production facility in Vista, California, we grind the beans to our partners' specifications and offer scalable options for small and large coffee roasters and brands."

NuZee's Vista facility is the only currently operating and SQF, Kosher, and USDA certified single-serve pour-over coffee and tea bag style coffee bag co-packing facility in the United States. Learn more about NuZee's co-packing capabilities at

About NuZee and Coffee Blenders

NuZee, Inc. (d/b/a Coffee Blenders®) is a specialty coffee company and a leading U.S. single-serve pour-over and t-bag style coffee producer and co-packer. We own highly sophisticated packing equipment developed in Asia for pour over coffee production and possess exclusive agreements that restrict North American competitors' access to equipment and pour over filters.  We co-pack single-serve pour-over coffee products for dozens of customers in the U.S. market and also co-pack for the Korean market. Our California facility is SQF level 2 certified facility is Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher and Halal. 

About Golden Ratio Coffee

Golden Ratio is on a mission to help people start their day the golden way, one gold coffee cup at a time. Golden Ratio invented a new coffee, gold in color, that's 5x less acidic than regular coffee and tastes more like tea. With convenience in mind, Golden Ratio coffee is easy-to-brew with its single-serve pouches and can be hot or cold brewed. Based in Austin, Texas, Golden Ratio currently offers three gold coffee varieties, all available for nationwide shipping at

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