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TheTea House Times Guest Blog featuring DHARLENE MARIE FAHL

December 2017 Posts


  TheTea House Times Guest Blog -Dharlene Marie Fahl
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Turning Over a New Leaf - Guest Post by Dharlene Marie Fahl

Monday, December 18th 2017 @ 10:13 PM

Yes, it's just about that time! We are soon going to be able to wipe the slate clean and start all over. Isn't that what most of us do at the end of the year?


Isn't that the proper way to begin a new year?


Forget the past – what we did or didn't do – and start fresh.


Begin in a new way – start all over again – give yourself another chance – give someone else another chance.


For those of us in the world of tea – "turning over a new leaf "may have a whole different meaning. Don't we each have our favorite teas? If you have a "go-to" tea, perhaps it is time to turn over a new leaf; try a new leaf, fall in love with a whole different leaf, or try an old leaf in a new way!


We have a lot of leaves from which to choose. How could anyone ever get bored?


Or, do we get a bit lazy and just drop in a teabag? It has been my personal experience to be really good, totally committed, deeply focused on something – for about three months. Things like being on a diet, going to the gym, getting up early, meditating, going out for a walk every day, and tea at a specific time of day. Yes, more time for our loved ones, journaling, reading, and many of the other things we commit to at the beginning of the year; most of us can hang in there for about three months.


We seem to be a society of quitters. Yes, I am speaking for myself, too.


Then, it's gets a little tough, we stop seeing the results we want, we skip a few days, we beat ourselves up, we miss a couple more days, we put other things first, we come up with excuses, and ultimately, we stop, we give up, we quit.


It has always been my message that in the time it takes to sip MINDFULLY, a cup of tea – we can change our lives. I'm not going to give up (quit) on that belief! I might stray from time to time, or gulp and go, but so much power lies in the time it takes to sip that cup of tea. Please don't underestimate it.


If you've never timed how long it takes you to sip a cup of tea – I'd encourage you to do so.


A white or green tea can be sipped quicker, and depending on the size of your cup, I have found that twenty minutes is a good guideline. Hotter water takes longer to sip but in those twenty minutes, we can accomplish a great deal.


Perhaps in turning over a new leaf, we can not only appreciate the leaf, but also the life we have – the blessings each of us has.


If you have more than one cup of tea a day – just think about the power you could be claiming.


We all have numerous opportunities to make changes in our lives. Just as we easily as we flip the calendar over to begin a New Year, each new day launches with the effortless change of a 7-segment digital display or the movement of a clocks' hand, we have the power to claim a fresh start.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a Happy New You on whatever day, you claim it and sip it to be!


~ Dharlene Marie Fahl - http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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DHARLENE MARIE FAHL is a Certified Tea Specialist, World Tea Traveler, Author, Poetess, Tea Goddess, Blogger, Mother of Two College Kids, and Lover of Life. Dharlene says, “Tea brings me great joy and I share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. I see tea as the bridge to other countries and cultures. While people are sipping the tea I make them -- I take them across that bridge.” - Learn more about Dharlene’s work at http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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