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TheTea House Times Guest Blog featuring DHARLENE MARIE FAHL

March 2017 Posts


  TheTea House Times Guest Blog -Dharlene Marie Fahl
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Choosing a Teapot, Part 1 - Guest Post by Dharlene Marie Fahl

Monday, March 6th 2017 @ 4:40 PM

I'm sure several of you have discovered that many teapots are designed to be ornamental only. What!? When making the purchase of a new, used, or cute teapot if your intention is actually to use it turn it over and read what is stamped on the bottom. I've done it got the teapot home only to discover it says right on the bottom of pot For Decorative Purposes Only. Oh, yes, that was a bummer for sure!

Teapots have a design psychology all of their own. I say this, but please note many teapots are designed solely for aesthetics, and uniqueness. Most of these lovely vessels do not function well for serving tea.

When shopping for a teapot decide what its purpose is going to be. If you only use teabags, you'll have plenty of choices.

Look inside of every pot. Look at the interior and exterior rim(s) of the pot. If it has several rims and crevices cleaning it is going to be a bit of a challenge. Tea stains! Getting into several ridges is tough. If you love the pot, it'll be worth it. If it's just a teapot, you'll soon avoid using it because cleaning it will seem like a chore.

Warning the lid is usually the first thing that gets broken on a teapot. Always keep a finger on it when pouring. Handle it carefully when separate from the pot wash it either first or after you've washed the pot.

I'm old school. I never put my teapots in the dishwasher. I still handle all my crystal and china with care and wash them by hand even my everyday teapots.

The spout is the next thing that causes problems. It is often accidently banged or tapped up against the countertop or faucet when rinsing or washing. Chips in the spout of a teapot render the pot unusable for guests. I'll still use mine for everyday use but not for guests. You should never see a chipped teapot used in a teashop!

When looking inside the teapot look at the hole where the spout meets the teapot. Is it wide open? If so, it's good for teabags, and not so good for tea leaves, unless you strain while pouring. Even so, the leaves will clog the spout and make pouring a challenge. A few British and vintage pots, many Oriental-style pots, and some modern pots will have tiny holes, or mesh over the hole where the spout meets the pot this will prevent the leaves from blocking the spout and are much more functional for using loose tea leaves.

Many pots made in England will have wide-open holes inside, because teabags were, and remain to be, the most common choice in England.

When purchasing a clear glass teapot choose a short spout or no spout at all. A glass pot that has a beak (like a duck or bird's beak) will be much more durable. Those long clear spouts may look nice but they are very hard to clean properly, and chip frequently, or break entirely when even slightly touched up against a hard surface.

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~ Dharlene Marie Fahl - http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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DHARLENE MARIE FAHL is a Certified Tea Specialist, World Tea Traveler, Author, Poetess, Tea Goddess, Blogger, Mother of Two College Kids, and Lover of Life. Dharlene says, “Tea brings me great joy and I share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. I see tea as the bridge to other countries and cultures. While people are sipping the tea I make them -- I take them across that bridge.” - Learn more about Dharlene’s work at http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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