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TheTea House Times Guest Blog featuring DHARLENE MARIE FAHL

February 2017 Posts


  TheTea House Times Guest Blog -Dharlene Marie Fahl
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A Teapot and a Teakettle - Guest Post by Dharlene Marie Fahl

Monday, February 13th 2017 @ 10:02 AM

"What's the difference between a teapot and a teakettle? . .

  . . .I put teabags in the kettle and boil it that way. . . I just don't like tea."


Perhaps some of you may be able to identify with this! Over the course of a dozen years in conducting tea presentations and teaching groups about tea, one hears some amazing things!

In my last post, I took a line from a poem I wrote, featured here as well, and I elaborated on it, as I will do with the three lines above which come from the same poem, as well.

Never in my wildest dream did I think I'd be asked about the difference between a teapot and a teakettle. Nevertheless, it happened repeatedly!

Not only did I hear about people putting teabags into a kettle at the same time as the water, but I also had people ask about boiling water in a teapot on a stovetop burner!

Even in a big box kitchen and bath store, upon asking a clerk where I'd find the teapots she brought me to the kettles. When I gently tried to enlighten her that those were teakettles and not teapots, she quite adamantly kept insisting that those were indeed teapots!

At the home of a woman I became new friends with, I was delighted to discover that she had over two hundred teapots in a massive collection displayed all over her home only to discover she never drank tea! All this fascination with the artistry of teapots and never once did she pursue that for which they were designed!

A kettle boils water period. A teapot is for steeping and serving tea only.

Keeping a kettle pure is imperative. You don't want the flavors from other teas boiled in a teakettle to change the taste of your water which inevitably changes the qualities of every tea made thereafter.

Teapots are just not designed to withstand the temperatures a burner.

These may seem like very elementary questions, however, it does tell us there is still much work to be done in educating people about tea properly made tea!

Those of you out there teaching people about tea keep doing it! With the growing desire for tea there will still be a need for tea educators.

More on teapots and teakettles in my next post.

~ Dharlene Marie Fahl
- http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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DHARLENE MARIE FAHL is a Certified Tea Specialist, World Tea Traveler, Author, Poetess, Tea Goddess, Blogger, Mother of Two College Kids, and Lover of Life. Dharlene says, “Tea brings me great joy and I share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. I see tea as the bridge to other countries and cultures. While people are sipping the tea I make them -- I take them across that bridge.” - Learn more about Dharlene’s work at http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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