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TheTea House Times Guest Blog featuring DHARLENE MARIE FAHL

December 2016 Posts


  TheTea House Times Guest Blog -Dharlene Marie Fahl
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Is there a tea that doesn't taste like tea? - Guest Post by Dharlene Marie Fahl

Monday, December 19th 2016 @ 10:43 AM

I wrote a poem a while back called, No Desire for Tea, which contained many of the questions and perceived notions about tea that I have encountered from individuals of all ages over the last twelve years. Yes, it turned out to be quite lengthy! It seems there are many misconceptions about tea that I'd like to clear up for those who remain 'skeptical'.

With lines directly from the poem, I have decided to do a series of articles and tips about tea to help those who have heard about all the health benefits of tea – but hesitate to drink it because of past experiences that left them feeling 'flat' about tea.

"Is there a tea that doesn't taste like tea?"

Yes, that is a question I have been asked! First of all, not everything that comes in a teabag – is tea! Yup, there are many herbs and funky (but healthy) concoctions that are sold in teabags but contain NO TEA.

I cannot assume that what was consumed and left a 'bad taste' in the memories of some, was tea, because it could have been almost anything, and could have come from anywhere on the planet!



Only TEA is TEA – oops, that's another poem I've written, but all true tea comes from one plant, and one plant only: the Camellia sinensis, and derivatives of this one plant. From the Camellia sinensis, we make/process: WHITE TEA, YELLOW TEA, GREEN TEA, OOLONG TEA, BLACK TEA, & PU-ERH TEA.

If the teabags contain anything else – then it is not tea. This is usually quite a revelation for most people, and most times, they cannot even recall what exactly it was they drank, but from that point on – they disliked "tea."

Not wishing to be unfair to the many herbal companies out there that are sourcing rare and beneficial herbs – because herbs have a multitude of their own health benefits just as the tea plant does, but herbs are herbs, and tea is tea.

Questions about herbs are best directed to an herbalist – not to a tea specialist or tea expert because both fields are entirely different.

Many herbs, just like tea, are sold in the loose form, as well. I am referring to teabags only because for most people in North America, this has been their preferred method of handling for ease and convenience.

In addition, sorry to complicate things just a tad – many tea companies are now blending their teas with herbs, and many herbal companies are now adding various teas to their herbal blends. Yes, it can get confusing! This is understood, and in no way means people are lacking in the brain capacity to figure things out. That's what I'm here to do for you!

Read the package! Yes, if all else fails, read what is written on the package, or ask the person in the teashop or health-food store to explain to you what is what!

The most common error I have seen is that people assume everything is prepared the same way – boil the water – drop in the teabag – how hard can that be?

It's not hard – it just may be incorrect for what is inside the teabag. In further articles I will explain how to steep properly, but this is also why I am saying, read the package. Many of our teas are not meant to be steeped in boiling water, yes, that is what I said, so if in doubt, either ask or research what you are about to prepare before you drink it. The true delightful taste of the tea can be ruined when prepared improperly.

"Is there a tea that doesn't taste like tea?"

As a tea lover myself, it almost physically hurts to hear this question. Nevertheless, if you give tea a true chance, I am quite certain you will be pleasantly surprised!

To read the complete poem, No Desire for Tea, please see this earlier post, click here.
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~ Dharlene Marie Fahl
- http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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DHARLENE MARIE FAHL is a Certified Tea Specialist, World Tea Traveler, Author, Poetess, Tea Goddess, Blogger, Mother of Two College Kids, and Lover of Life. Dharlene says, “Tea brings me great joy and I share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. I see tea as the bridge to other countries and cultures. While people are sipping the tea I make them -- I take them across that bridge.” - Learn more about Dharlene’s work at http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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