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TheTea House Times Guest Blog featuring DHARLENE MARIE FAHL

December 2015 Posts


  TheTea House Times Guest Blog -Dharlene Marie Fahl
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Cracked & Chipped by Dharlene Marie Fahl

Saturday, December 19th 2015 @ 4:39 PM

Guest post: poetry by Dharlene Marie Fahl - an excerpt from her upcoming poetry book,
A Passion for Tea ~ Tea Infused & Tea Inspired Poetry







Cracked & Chipped


Some things we cannot part with.

Other things we will never throw away.

Certain things we dare not use.

Collections spanning generations.

Tucked away – stored in cabinets ornate and plain.

So many never see the light of day.


Cracks and chips don't bother me a bit.

It tells me something had a life – especially teacups and teapots.

Fine English bone china with worn golden rings.

Tells me it had an existence – it went through many things.


It came out during the holidays.

It sat many times on tables of celebration and sadness.

Lips that whispered secrets sipped from a full brim.

Ears that heard tales never shared filled many a pot.

Hands that trembled in fear and pain rattled delicate china.

Nearly every teacup and saucer has a special story.


From fancy department stores to corner five and dimes.

Whether made in Japan, France, China or the U. S. A.

There is a story.

Other than the tea – nothing gives me more pleasure.

Tell me how this cup came to be.

Share with me its extraordinary history.

Tell me of mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters.

There is always one connected to a teacup – expensive or not.

These are the family, and friendship stories that need to be shared.


For the lost and forlorn teacups and teapots

that find their way to shops, thrift stores and estate sales,

their cracks and chips tell me their tales.

A wabi-sabi beauty still prevails.


I like tea-stained cups and pots.

Someone used them and used them a lot.

There isn't a stain I cannot get rid of,

and there isn't a teacup that doesn't speak to me.

Long after its been silenced and unappreciated,

its life and loveliness is still of value to me.


I wonder of its long and significant journey.

And assure it that a new chapter is about to unfold.

Worn, cracked, chipped, or old; a story begs to be told.

I pour in the tea and wait for it to whisper to me.


~Dharlene Marie Fahl~
A Passion for Tea

Excerpt from the upcoming poetry book,
A Passion for Tea ~ Tea Infused & Tea Inspired Poetry

~ Dharlene Marie Fahl
- http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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DHARLENE MARIE FAHL is a Certified Tea Specialist, World Tea Traveler, Author, Poetess, Tea Goddess, Blogger, Mother of Two College Kids, and Lover of Life. Dharlene says, “Tea brings me great joy and I share that joy with as many people as I possibly can. I see tea as the bridge to other countries and cultures. While people are sipping the tea I make them -- I take them across that bridge.” - Learn more about Dharlene’s work at http://www.dharlenemariefahl.com

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