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Finger Sandwiches, A Picnic Food? by Kim Kendrickson

Sunday, June 14th 2015 @ 7:23 PM

Memorial Day may have come and gone, but with best part of summer still before us there are a wealth of opportunities to celebrate with friends and family at picnics and backyard barbecues. 

Summer is a great time to re-connect with the people we love, and what better way to enjoy the season than with a potluck dinner?  Whenever folks ask me to bring something to a casual weekend soiree, I know they will be even more grateful if I prepare something that is not only suitable for serving in any temperature,  but ready to be delivered straight to the table on an arranged plate (one that can be left behind without having to remember to wash and return it!). 

With the publication of "Finger Sandwiches -The Forgotten Hors d' Oeuvre", I was certain I could convince the public that finger sandwiches have a place in a wide assortment of  entertainment venues other than just at tea time.  History and tradition have been worthy foes in some cases, but I still believe that picnics and finger sandwiches go together like popcorn and a movie!  Since my entire career has been based on my fascination with the idea that less is more, like small food bites and simple craft projects, then picnics and finger sandwiches do go together, and I have the recipe to prove it! 

This past Memorial weekend I made an assortment of salads and grilled chicken, then added small bite sandwiches to my buffet table.  With standard picnic fare like egg salad, bacon, potato salad, beans as my inspiration, I decided to create a filling using bacon, baked beans, tomato.   Pair with the Danielle's Veggie Platter recipe below, and dip to your next summer gathering for a tasty, healthy, easy to prepare summer dish!


1 cup baked beans, sauce drained and reserved

3/4 cup, drained, crisp bacon, finely chopped

1/2 cup tomato, seeded, finely chopped

1/2 cup kale, finely chiffonade

Whole grain or multi grain bread 

In a medium bowl, mash the beans with a fork or potato masher until they are roughly broken. Add the bacon and tomatoes; stir to combine. If the mixture is too stiff to spread on a piece of bread easily add a little of the liquid until the desired smoothness is achieved. Stir in the kale. 

Spread the mixture on one slice of bread to create a layer 1/4-inch thick. Top with another slice of bread. Using a serrated knife, cut the crusts off the edges and cut into 1 to 1 1/2-inch squares. Continue in the same fashion until all filling is used up. Place in a bowl and drape a dampened paper towel over the top of your sandwich pile, then wrap with plastic wrap. Sandwiches keep in the refrigerator up to two days until ready to serve.



1 pound tofu (semi firm)

1/4 C mayonnaise

1 whole green onion, chopped

1 T cilantro, chopped

2 t soy sauce or tamari

1/2 t curry powder

1/2 t chili powder

1 t brewers or nutritional yeast

1/4 t garlic powder

1 C finely diced green, red, yellow and/or orange peppers

Small celery stalks with leaves, long thin strips of blanched carrot, zucchini, yellow squash, French green beans and or stalks of broccoli

Extra cilantro, finely chopped, as a garnish

Drain the tofu in a strainer for 20 minutes by weighing the tofu down in a clean plastic bag filled with water. Discard the liquid. In a food processor, puree the tofu until smooth.  Spoon tofu into medium sized bowl and stir in all remaining ingredients except the blanched vegetables.  Chill until ready to use. Place a mound of tofu in the center of a plate and decoratively arrange cilantro and vegetables around it.


~ Kim Hendrickson, Salvia Press


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KIM HENDRICKSON, author of the Tastefully Small cookbook series, has been teaching for nearly twenty years. A regular instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School, she is a frequent speaker at culinary events throughout the U.S.  She has catered for The Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food Show, the New York Metropolitan Opera, the Penguin Repertory Theater. And TV’s “Slangman”, David Burke. Kim's book, "Finger Sandwiches", is the only one of its kind, dedicated exclusively to a celebration of unique and flavorful tea sandwiches, and her "Savory Bites" and "Dessert Canapes" books help round out the Tastefully Small series to make any gathering both fun and delicious. If Kim has one abiding passion, it’s helping people find their inner chef.  From the importance of selecting the proper ingredients, to garnish and plating ideas, to shortcuts that can help reduce the stress of planning an event, the sole aim of Kim’s passion for food and teaching is to make sure it’s as much about the joy of creating something beautiful as it is sharing that food with others. See


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