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One Man's Dreary is One Woman's Beauty by Susan Patterson

Monday, November 17th 2014 @ 1:20 PM

One Man's Dreary is One Woman's Beauty - Poem, audio, and discussion by Susan Patterson



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One Man's Dreary is One Woman's Beauty

 I walked today and I went for miles,
Cultivation that used to be routine.
It¹s been awhile since I've done that,
But my steps were strong and measured
And my heart pounded.
That¹s the way it is supposed to be.

It was raining and I let the rain fall on my face.
It wasn't coming down so hard that the water stung me,
But just enough to let me know that
Rain had beauty and creative power just like sunshine.

I walked along and looked up and noticed the grey sky.
It wasn't even close to blue, but it was striking nevertheless.
I continued my steps and lowered my head just a little,
And my eyes drew in the deep green of the cedars
And the firs that towered a hundred feet over the street.

Then I let down my head again and looked at
The house chimneys releasing the color gray.
It was smoke that mingled into the sky with out notice.
Still walking, I eased my head once more, my eyes lingering
On the winter green grass that sparkled with water droplets.
And then my gaze went back to the street in front of me,
Its gray pavement making my steps straight and secure.

I so adore the rain and its peacefulness.
No one is loud or noisy in the rain.
Everyone is waiting for something.
Some people wait for the sunshine to come alive again.
Some wait for dryness to breathe.
I do not wait.
I live in the rain.

Earlene Grey


It has been raining the last several days here in Oregon.  The weather man tells us it will rain for a few more days.  Many people, I don't know why, start to complain about the weather when it rains.  If it is sunny all the time, then it is said that the weather is nice.  If there is coolness, or God forbid rain, then the weather is bad.  Well, I'm here to tell you it is not true.  Coolness, moisture, wind-- all have a purpose in the ecosystem. Let us not go into a discussion of global climate change here, however.  

The poem is self-explanatory.  It talks about the value of rain.  It talks about the stillness and the muted beauty of rain.  I do know that sunshine is glorious.  I do know that warm weather can cheer the heart like nothing else.  However, more so than the rain, the poem is about enjoying whatever is in front of us.  It is about wanting what we have, not wanting what we don't have.  It is about finding peace with our life as it is. 


~ Susan Patterson, EarleneGrey.com

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SUSAN PATTERSON is a serious tea drinker, writer and publisher, who on occasion writes under the name of Earlene Grey.  She is the author of two books of tea poetry, Musings With a Cuppa - The Poetry of Tea and Heart to Heart - Considered Sentiments for Teatime, and one book of memoirs, Tom and Irma - Chronicles of the 1950’s.  Her fourth book, Unnoticed Moments, a book of contemporary poetry will be out shortly.  Ms. Patterson also publishes a weekly blog, The Causerie.  For more information about Susan Patterson writings, please visit her website, www.EarleneGrey.com

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