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The Tea House Times Guest Blog featuring RUBY REDHAT, Red Hat Society

November 2015 Posts


  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Ruby RedHat
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Letís Talk About Gratitude by Ruby RedHat, Red Hat Society

Sunday, November 15th 2015 @ 5:20 PM

Did you know that setting aside just a few minutes a day for reflection and gratitude can improve your health? (I personally love the word gratitude, because it reminds me of Hattitude, which is that extra bit of pizzazz Hatters carry themselves with when they are out in their regalia.) But let’s get back to gratitude…

The Red Hat Society reserves the month of November to give thanks for our many blessings. As I prepared for this month of thanksgiving, I was inspired to start a gratitude journal by an article I found on It was titled: “6 Surprising Reasons Why Gratitude is Great for Your Health.”

According to Robert Emmons, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, establishing a daily gratitude ritual will:

·         Make you feel happier

·         Boost your energy levels

·         Improve your health

·         Help you be more resilient

·         Improve your relationships

·         Help you be a nicer person


This idea is perfect for the Red Hat Society, because we are always encouraging our Sisters to find ways to incorporate happiness and fun into our everyday lives. And with this amazing list of benefits, who wouldn’t want to give a gratitude ritual a try?

For the past few days, I’ve kept journal on my bedside table and the first thing I do when I wake up is reflect on three things I’m grateful for. I decided mornings work best for me, because instead of worrying about what time it is or the many tasks that may be awaiting me, I choose to focus my energy on things that make me really happy. (Even if it’s just the simple fact that I opened my eyes to a brand new day- a blank slate.)

If you’re not a fan of journals, Emmons suggested a quick morning meditation or bedtime reflection. It just takes a few minutes, and it really is worth it. Give it a try!

To support our month of thankful reflection, the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society asked Members to share their gratitude stories on social media. Visit our Facebook page to see highlighted submissions.

If you would like to learn more about the Red Hat Society, you can visit:



~Ruby RedHat, Red Hat Society

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RUBY REDHAT is the official mascot of the Red Hat Society.  In the year 2000, a little lady named Ruby appeared, out of nowhere, on the computer screen of EQM Sue Ellen's daughter, Andrea (aka Princess Daughter). Princess Daughter was working on the first Red Hat Society website and when Ruby got wind of it, she just volunteered her services as a representative (mascot?) for the entire membership. Ruby had recently finished compiling her Top Ten (plus one) Rules for Living and she had a feeling that both she and her rules would be able to help the Red Hat Society clarify its members and its purpose to the world. We are all thrilled to have her represent the little girl inside all of us, who is ready and willing to come out and play again in every woman who invites her to do so.
Read Ruby’s full bio here.  Learn more about Ruby here.

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