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The Tea House Times Guest Blog featuring RUBY REDHAT, Red Hat Society

May 2014 Posts


  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Ruby RedHat
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Ruby's Corner by Ruby RedHat, Red Hat Society

Monday, May 5th 2014 @ 8:15 AM

Ruby’s Corner
Hey there! My name is Ruby RedHat. I’m the official mascot of the Red Hat Society, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my adventures and thoughts with you each month. I like to think I represent the spirit of the little girl who is alive and well inside of each Member of the Red Hat Society.


This month, I attended a wedding at a castle in Tuscany, and I can hardly wait to tell you all about it! Where do I start? Ah, I know…  


Here Comes The Bride

You are humming the melody right now, aren’t you?  Everybody loves weddings.  They are such joyous occasions.  Perhaps I have gotten you thinking of your own wedding and how you felt that day.  You were a “queen” weren’t you?  We have seen styles of gowns change – even cakes and bridal bouquets. Some brides and grooms opt for a lavish celebration; others like a backyard wedding and pray for perfect weather.  I have heard of themed weddings with “costumes” rather than traditional regalia.  You can, no doubt, add to the list of wedding choices.  Destination weddings are very popular now, and I was thrilled to be invited to a wedding in Tuscany – at a castle! I did NOT crash it.

I have never been to Tuscany before this and conjured up images from the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”.  Did you see it?  I was definitely NOT disappointed as I saw charming stone houses along winding roads dotted with vineyards and olive trees and cypress trees.  In charming, little towns I walked along narrow streets and ate at some wonderful ristorantes.  I went to a wine tasting and a cooking class to learn how to make homemade pasta.  Now I know what some of my Red Hat Sisters meant when they said, “You’ve never tasted pasta like that in Italy!”

But I digress – back to the wedding.  It was held outdoors overlooking the hills.  While rain threatened, the sun broke through at the perfect time as guests were seated and the bridal party entered along a white runner strewn with rose petals.  Remember I told you it was at a castle (built in the 1500s) and a large castle door opened to reveal the bride and her father.  She was radiant in a satin gown – straight from the 40s – draping over her slender figure (something that could never be said about me).  The groom got teary-eyed as she came down the aisle.  So did I; I’m like that at weddings.  After vows were exchanged there was a wine box ceremony – perhaps an Italian tradition.  The bride and groom had each written a letter- one to the other- expressing their love and their hopes for the future.  They placed these letters into a beautiful wooden box that contained a bottle of wine.  The box was locked and it was to be opened if ever they faced a serious difficulty in their life together (will that ever happen?????).  Let’s hope the bride, groom, and wine age well.

I’m still pinching myself and asking, “Was I really in Tuscany, in a castle, at a wedding?”  Yes, I was and I hope to return someday.  For now, I think I’ll have a little tiramisu. 

~Ruby RedHat, Red Hat Society

Oh! What kind of Hatter would I be if I didn’t invite you to join the fun with myself and thousands of women around the world? Visit to learn more about the Sisterhood, and be sure to take a look at the Save the Date page for RHS events taking place this year.

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RUBY REDHAT is the official mascot of the Red Hat Society. 
In the year 2000, a little lady named Ruby appeared, out of nowhere, on the computer screen of EQM Sue Ellen's daughter, Andrea (aka Princess Daughter). Princess Daughter was working on the first Red Hat Society website and when Ruby got wind of it, she just volunteered her services as a representative (mascot?) for the entire membership. Ruby had recently finished compiling her Top Ten (plus one) Rules for Living and she had a feeling that both she and her rules would be able to help the Red Hat Society clarify its members and its purpose to the world. We are all thrilled to have her represent the little girl inside all of us, who is ready and willing to come out and play again in every woman who invites her to do so.
Read Ruby’s full bio here.



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