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  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Linda Villano
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Japanese Pickles & Boukakuan Tea House - Guest Post by Linda Villano, SerendipiTea

Monday, November 13th 2017 @ 8:19 PM

Thanks to my dear friend, Food Historian and Tea Specialist Judith Krall-Russo, I recently had the great pleasure of visiting Boukakuan Japanese Tea House & Garden, a hidden gem in Southern New Jersey where we attended an on-site workshop called Sunomono – Pickles the Japanese Way


A most delightful afternoon of hands-on pickle making

and fascinating stories included a lovely tea break with matcha scones and curd.

We were also treated to a guided tour of the magnificent grounds complete with koi pond, foot bridge, several flowering Camellia sinensis plants and a tour of the Tea House, the crown jewel.  

In Japan, pickles are served with rice as side dishes or snacks with drinks. They can be colorful garnishes and even a Kaiseiki course, the Japanese tea ceremony meal.

Pickles are also served atop Ochazuke which is a simple rice dish which includes green tea and is topped with savory ingredients and pickles.

The vegetables pickled at the workshop included kabosha squash, turnips, burdock roots, cucumbers, and ginger sprouts.





Everything was delicious!


The website and contact information for the Boudakauan Tea House and Gardens is www.njgreentea.com . Be sure to join the mailing list should you be interested in future workshops or would like to schedule a private demonstration of an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony. Lessons in the Urasenke Tradition for beginners and advanced students are also offered.

To learn more about Japanese Pickles and Ochasuke and for Japanese Pickle recipes look for the article in the January/February 2018 issue of The Tea House Times.


~ Linda Villano, SerendipiTea

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LINDA VILLANO co-founded SerendipiTea.com in 1995 with Tomislav Podreka. With a passion for all things Tea, she oversees all aspects of the business; including client consulting, concept and design, staff training, sourcing and product development (recipe creations). Having grown up in a family of restaurateurs and chefs, she considers her role as a purveyor of premium teas & tisanes a natural continuation of her family’s culinary tradition.   Linda is a published illustrator and writer. Her illustrations appear in Tomislav Podreka’s book, SerendipiTea: a guide to the varieties, origins and rituals of tea, and she writes articles about tea for trade publications.

Linda also writes for TeaCourse.com - check it out for more in depth knowledge on all things tea.

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