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The Tea House Times Guest Blog featuring LINDA VILLANO, SerendipiTea

August 2014 Posts


  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Linda Villano
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More Tea Cocktails! by Linda Villano

Monday, August 11th 2014 @ 10:56 AM

As promised, and since Tea Cocktails are all the rage, the recipes posts will continue and I can attest to the deliciousness of each and every one!



The very talented, young New Orleans-based Mixologist Jason Lee created “Cool as Chai” for us. 



You’ll notice that one of the ingredients here is Moulin Rouge Chai.  Well, shortly after this recipe was created SerendipiTea was contacted by a major international Law Firm scolding us for taking the name “Moulin Rouge” without permission.  Who knew that the words Moulin Rouge is internationally trademarked and cannot be used to name anything at all on a list that goes on for what seemed to be volumes!  We had named a tea blend that we made and had been selling since the mid-90’s Moulin Rouge because of ingredients that include spices, French vanilla flavor and tea with mildly smoky notes ~ seemed a fitting moniker.  Certainly not one for a David & Goliath brawl we simply changed the name to Montmartre Masala (for those in the know, the Moulin Rouge made famous by Toulouse Lautrec is located in the Montmartre area of Paris).



Cheers! More to follow…..


~ Linda Villano, SerendipiTea


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LINDA VILLANO co-founded in 1995 with Tomislav Podreka. With a passion for all things Tea, she oversees all aspects of the business; including client consulting, concept and design, staff training, sourcing and product development (recipe creations). Having grown up in a family of restaurateurs and chefs, she considers her role as a purveyor of premium teas & tisanes a natural continuation of her family’s culinary tradition.   Linda is a published illustrator and writer. Her illustrations appear in Tomislav Podreka’s book, SerendipiTea: a guide to the varieties, origins and rituals of tea, and she writes articles about tea for trade publications.


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