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  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Linda Villano
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TEA as ART: Portrait of Michele Brody by Linda Villano

Monday, June 9th 2014 @ 12:43 PM

Through an artist’s eye the ordinary and familiar can become extra-ordinary and exotic.  The artist communicates a unique perspective which invites others to journey to fantastical places by unexpected but often delightful conveyance.

Michele Brody, tea lover and artist, embodies gifts which encourage inclusion, provoke thought and ultimately forge steadfast emotional bonds.  She extends subtle invitations to willing parties to engage in seemingly simple exchanges that reach great depths; her ardent vision transmutes fixed moments into ever-evolving happenings; by her insightful coaxing inert memories are transformed into graceful motion.

Michele’s work is decidedly mixed-media. Paper-making and organic materials feature prominently in her creative history.  And although tea has never been her sole medium she returns to it time and time again. Tea is her muse, her siren call, her touch stone perhaps. Through Michele’s interactive tea projects pointed memories and moments in space and time of all participants are actively and passively woven into a large literal, symbolic and philosophical opus that is ever-evolving. Criss-crossing the globe West to East, East to West, Michele Brody could be dubbed an architect of impermanent permanence.  The armatures of her tea projects are made of materials which can be cyclically assembled, dissembled, transported, and re-assembled.  She deliberately moves her works from one location to another yet the impact of her sensitive and thoughtful presence is indelible.

Tea Cart Stories/Tea House Productions

Tea House


Reflections in Tea

Japanese Hope Quilt (Donated to the Fukashima Museum)


Water Table Tea House (Taiwan 2013)

Reflections in Tea: World Tea Stories


Five O’Clock Tea Reflections (review to be posted next week)


And now for some exciting news! This month you can meet Michele Brody, artist-in-residence at Andrew Freedman Home, for Spring Time Tea in her Copper Tea House for Reflections in Tea.

A special opportunity awaits those interested in sharing a cuppa with a remarkable artist while imbuing the “Tea Tapestry” with their personal tales. Journey any Saturday throughout June to the Andrew Freedman Home (1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10452 in the balcony niche on the first floor) ~ tea lovers of all ages are welcome (1:30-3:00 pm or by appointment). Shared memories will become part of Michele's Tea House installation as well as a future community art book. 

“The Andrew Freedman Home is a community center that focuses on the arts, dance, music and performance with a special emphasis education and training. Just steps away from famous Bronx cultural institutions like the Bronx Museum of Arts and Yankee Stadium, The Andrew Freedman Home welcomes creativity and inspiration for all.” Facebook Page Description


~ Linda Villano, SerendipiTea


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LINDA VILLANO co-founded SerendipiTea.com in 1995 with Tomislav Podreka. With a passion for all things Tea, she oversees all aspects of the business; including client consulting, concept and design, staff training, sourcing and product development (recipe creations). Having grown up in a family of restaurateurs and chefs, she considers her role as a purveyor of premium teas & tisanes a natural continuation of her family’s culinary tradition.   Linda is a published illustrator and writer. Her illustrations appear in Tomislav Podreka’s book, SerendipiTea: a guide to the varieties, origins and rituals of tea, and she writes articles about tea for trade publications.

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