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  The Tea House Times Guest Blog - Linda Villano
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Lov is in the Air by Linda Villano

Monday, February 24th 2014 @ 8:31 AM

Løv is in the air…..I’m back from the snowy wilds of Quebec & had a Løvely time.  Yes, rather than spending a brief respite in the sun & sand I opted to depart just after NY’s umpteenth snow storm to head north for more of the glorious white fluff. Counter-intuitive some might think to themselves but I do enjoy Winter & playing outdoors.

While in Montreal I discovered a Løvely line of tea on, appropriately, Valentine’s Day.  Some of you may already be familiar with the brand but as it was new to me I thought I’d share a brief post.  I first encountered the packaged format in a fantastic Market/Café called Le Cartet in Vieux Montreal, www.lecartet.com , where the colorful, cleanly-designed tins caught my eye.  Should your travels take you to Montreal do seek out Le Cartet…..if I had four thumbs they’d all be UP.  I must have been living under a rock (thus the need for the brief get-away) because upon my return home I found that Løv is all around us.


Later that afternoon, back at the løvely boutique Hotel Gault, www.hotelgault.com , when ordering tea I was presented with Løv Organic tea bags & selected a black spice with orange.


I was charmed by the cotton teabag which has a hand-sewn look & feel.


According the website: “In Scandinavian countries, "løv" means "leaf". Løv Organic was inspired by this part of the world where a modern lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with respecting the environment. With delicious and innovative organic tea and wellness blends in beautiful eco-friendly packaging, Løv Organic combines pleasure and ecology and offers an organic range of teas that makes everyday life more beautiful. Find in our shop different kinds of tea : green tea, herbal teas, flavored teas…”

This tea company’s philosophy is right up my alley ~ Organic & Eco-Friendly all wrapped up in simple Beauty. Tastes good too.!

Now, if I had just one more thumb….yup, it would be UP.

~ Linda Villano, SerendipiTea


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LINDA VILLANO co-founded SerendipiTea.com in 1995 with Tomislav Podreka. With a passion for all things Tea, she oversees all aspects of the business; including client consulting, concept and design, staff training, sourcing and product development (recipe creations). Having grown up in a family of restaurateurs and chefs, she considers her role as a purveyor of premium teas & tisanes a natural continuation of her family’s culinary tradition.   Linda is a published illustrator and writer. Her illustrations appear in Tomislav Podreka’s book, SerendipiTea: a guide to the varieties, origins and rituals of tea, and she writes articles about tea for trade publications.

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