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Celebrating Ceylon Tea Special Features by Gail Gastelu, The Tea House Times

Tuesday, February 21st 2017 @ 8:52 AM

Greetings my dear tea friends! I am very, very excited to announce that our March/April 2017 issue is ready!! This expanded special edition features Ceylon tea as will our May/June and July/August issues. . .all leading into more 150th Anniversary celebrations for Ceylon tea!

As you can already see, this is a long tale to tell.  It is an important, interesting, and fun tale to tell you all about Ceylon tea.  In the short time we have been back from Sri Lanka, just three weeks now, we have loaded some photos to The Tea House Times Facebook page and have begun to brief you on our experiences but also to help you to understand Ceylon tea more deeply. Please continue to follow along (links on how to find all featured blog entries are available beneath each post.) You may also join our email list: See  

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Today, I want you to go away with an understanding that all teas will taste different because of terroir. We have discussed this already.  The point is that some teas produced in Sri Lanka – Ceylon tea – are best enjoyed with milk and sugar. Others are much lighter and delicate tasting and are best enjoyed with nothing added to them, straight drinking teas.  As you explore the different growing regions and flavor characteristics, you will begin to understand.   

In Linda’s blog this week, you will find a great, quick-view of many of the locations we visited. Not all, but a good part of it.  I love Linda’s description of our adventure. Find it here.

In our dedicated Sri Lanka blog for Ceylon tea, we are focusing on those seven regions this week and suggest you also look for the March/April issue of The Tea House Times to learn more on the subject. 

Writing from snowy and cold, Sparta, New Jersey. . . I miss Sri Lanka!!  : )

P.S. Take a gander at my super cool Ceylon TEA-shirt!  Many thanks to the Sri Lanka Tea Board.  Love it! (P.S. I understand Sri Lanka had a huge cricket win a few days ago! Congrats!!! Proud of my shirt!)


Sri Lanka Tea Board


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