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An Invitation to Experience Sri Lanka - Blog Post by Gail Gastelu, The Tea House Times

Monday, January 16th 2017 @ 8:59 AM

Dear friends, I’m going to Sri Lanka!!! Soon! . . . in less than a week!

Over the years, there have been many occasions when I met with the tea trade delegation from Sri Lanka, at various trade events, at several Ceylon Tea promotional networking sessions, Embassy of Sri Lanka visits, and most recently in New York this past June. And now, leading into promotions of the 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea, the Sri Lanka Tea Board has invited me to visit Sri Lanka, which they proudly describe as 'Tea island'. 

Can you imagine how excited and honored I am by this request to experience Sri Lanka with my own eyes? Everything I learn or see or experience will be shared with you here through my personal blog and through a new dedicated Sri Lanka blog to document the journey but to also share some facts about the country, its culture, many different regions, and of course TEA! 

We will also publish articles about Sri Lanka/Ceylon Tea in bi-monthly issues of The Tea House Times. And, we will also produce and share some more in depth educational pieces through our continuing education program at Additionally, we will post photographs in a photo gallery we will set up through our Facebook page for The Tea House Times. Watch for photos next week. - And eventually, we will post some resource lists for travel and/or business in Sri Lanka.

You know, I could not possibly take on a project of this magnitude without assistance. I have asked Linda Villano, SerendipiTea, to accompany me. Linda happens to write for The Tea House Times but she is also a tea importer and travels the world in search of the finest teas. Her experience is invaluable and will help ensure that we cover this project/these stories from all possible angles to help all our followers, businesses, and consumers, to better understand Ceylon Tea and the beautiful island country of Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Tea Board has carefully and thoughtfully arranged our entire itinerary. This journey will take us to many different regions of the country with stays at different hotels and / or plantation bungalows each night. I am grateful and deeply appreciative to everyone who is a part of the Tea Board for their professionalism, courtesy, kindness, and great care they have taken to organize everything on my behalf.  

How to follow this wonderful adventure to Sri Lanka:

Linda and I will post some personal, fun accounts of the trip through our own blogs:

More factual pieces will be presented through the new dedicated blog here:

Articles will begin to appear in the Mar/Apr issue of The Tea House Times due out mid to late February.  Click here for subscription options. Click here for advertising info.

More in depth educational materials will be provided via

Photo Galleries will be posted to The Tea House Times Facebook Page HERE

Watch for more from Linda via SerendipiTea HERE

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For now, please read the previously posted press release which covers many of the details of the 150th Anniversary of Ceylon Tea. Perhaps our stories will entice you to make your own journey to Sri Lanka this year.

Wish us luck and safe travels. I’ll be thinking of you my dear family, friends, and tea colleagues as my breath is expectantly taken away in Sri Lanka.

For the Love of Tea. . .


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