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Tea Makes Everything Just Fine, Even Age - Blog Post by Gail Gastelu

Monday, October 17th 2016 @ 11:19 AM

In September I celebrated a rather large number for my birthday, but it’s OK!! Really, I love this age. . .

Without stating that number, since every woman halts counting at 29 (remember that!), suffice to say that I’ve reached the age that qualifies me to wear a red hat. If you are not quite sure what it means to don a red hat and purple dress, then you must learn what the Red Hat Society is all about.

I’ve been doing business with the Red Hat Society for more than ten years. Their organization was founded on friendship and a special meeting over tea. Red Hat Society is featured in each issue of The Tea House Times and is one of our valued distribution partners.  Paid members of RHS receive The Tea House Times as part of their membership. Fun stats: Approximately 20,000 chapters exist in all 50 states in the U.S. and in more than 30 foreign countries.  It is estimated that each chapter averages 20-25 members. Learn more at 

Back to my blog! So, anyway…..after all these years of doing business entirely by phone call and email, I finally had the opportunity to meet the woman who heads marketing for Red Hat Society while I was in California early October for Coffee Fest (find my trade show report here).

Emily Yost (pictured at right), myself (at left in photo), and two other friends met for lunch and to my surprise, on behalf of Red Hat Society, Emily presented me with my very first red hat to celebrate my big birthday. To say I was touched beyond words would be putting it mildly. The hat that was presented to me is quite extravagant and a gift that I will treasure.  It is a red hat that I will wear proudly to represent the fun and friendship women must experience and share through all stages of life as we come together to offer support and positivity and connection as only women do.

Master Milliner, Luke Song, hand crafted the hat given to me. An American milliner, he is best known for his design worn by Aretha Franklin.  He owns Mr. Song Millinery and also operates the Amazon Shop for Red (and Pink) Hatters called Red Hat Society Shop by Luke Song  where you may find some very beautiful hats or a fascinator similar to mine.

I don’t know why it takes so long to appreciate life. To feel we have accomplished anything worthy. Does it only become understood when our children leave us, leave our nests to live their own lives? When our parents are retired and we are all aging together. We experience new aches and pains and understand a little of what our parents have gone through. We experience the deepest love of family and friends and realize now that nothing else matters.

Family and friends come first; always and forevermore. Time is short. Live it, experience it, love more deeply, and share tea as part of this wonderful life that only you can steer. Make it a happy one.

In fun and friendship and lust for life, join our friends at Red Hat Society to connect with others and just have fun!

For the Love of Tea. . .



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