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Lucky ThirTEAn by Gail Gastelu, The TEA House Times

Tuesday, October 13th 2015 @ 12:00 AM

The Tea House Times November/December 2015 issue marks our 13th Anniversary. It is the 13th November/December issue. It is the 73rd issue overall since the first issue in Nov/Dec 2003.


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If you are not already aware, this 13th anniversary issue of The Tea House Times unveils a redesigned new look and incorporates more tea interest and insights for further connecting businesses and consumers!

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Are you a subscriber? Or an advertiser? If not, you are missing some incredible connections; from feel good personal connections because of tea, on to the wonderful connections in business. The Tea House Times very uniquely serves businesses and consumers and reaches nearly half a million readers through unique digital distribution partnerships that bring together businesses and consumers who fit the perfect demographic of not only enjoying tea, but considering tea or tea service as a business. We will continue to grow and welcome other new distribution partners this coming year.

T E A. . . it's a comfort thing™. Comfort means different things to different people. Yes, it's the cuppa your grandma served you to make you feel better. Yes, it's something you do socially – the enjoyment of a perfectly brewed cup of tea or full afternoon tea service. Yes, it's something you do for yourself - a break, a little 'me time.' Yes, it is the ultimate power lunch –, to enjoy afternoon tea over business. There is also comfort in the action of learning enough about tea to confidently buy it, serve it, or sell it. People in the business of tea know the comfort that tea brings to their customers and customers appreciate that. 'T E A. . . it's a comfort thing™' - it really is and I am extremely proud of the new look and excited to continue to provide that feel-good connection so many people need.

In publishing or in press relations, when I attend various events, I am often asked if I am registering as a trade or consumer publication. This is very difficult to answer sometimes! I know that is a simple answer for most if not all other periodicals, but not me, not for The Tea House Times. Tea is connecting. How can a publication be one-sided completely? We serve trade and consumers because it is incredibly important to show the interesting, exciting things happening in tea business, to share that with consumers but to also give consumers the fun side and interesting side of tea that also brings comfort in many ways.

I promised a little history and insight, so here it goes. Back in 2003 I started The Tea House Times as a very basic black and white newsletter style, bi-monthly publication. I never wanted it to be full-on-magazine style. I purposely started it to be more personal, more connecting. A magazine cannot do that. My readers tell me that they sit with a cup of tea and fall into this wonderful world of tea when they read The Tea House Times. They feel like they are sitting with me for a short time and I just love to hear that. And, you know what else? Most of our subscribers write letters to me with their renewals – on cards and stationery, not scraps of paper or boring subscription renewal forms. It is personal, connecting, and special. Some even call me just because they'd like a little chat while they renew their tea business advertisement or subscription even though they can do it online. Tea people are so warm and wonderful to talk to. I love helping them with their business or personal enjoyment of tea. Sometimes I am just here to listen and I love that too.

In the early days of The Tea House Times, the USA was all about the British style of tea. Little by little the nation has begun to embrace all styles of tea enjoyment and little by little we have incorporated more into the publication with small additions or adjustments to content and style each and every year. Over the years, the size of The Tea House Times grew from a few pages to many pages and some splashes of color, better paper, more features – but still, I have held it back from becoming the look of a magazine with full page bleeds (you know what I mean? Pages completely covered by one photo or too many ads.) Space within The Tea House Times is precious and expensive to produce, yes! So no, we don't waste pages on single photos. We don't want our readers to flip through like a catalog or magazine, we want them to continue to sit down to tea with me! Read about tea, learn about tea, socialize over tea, and learn ways to share that with others too.

Now, I know some of my very best followers will be a little uncomfortable with the new look, but I ask you to please understand my desire to help more people. It is all I have ever wanted to do with this business from day one. I need to now help many more - outside of but still including tea lovers and tea rooms . . . I now have coffee retailers, fine inns and hotels, restaurants, and so many other types of businesses looking to bring tea into their offerings to also find a way to bring some comfort to people. Honestly, tea is such an amazing, wonderful thing and I can see it being sold or served just about anywhere. It is so human and connecting, multicultural and heart-warming too. The new look of The Tea House Times reflects that.

The re-designed cover may look magazine-like, but the interior remains more personal and inviting and includes many of the features we have always presented to our readers, to benefit businesses and consumers.

If you were interested enough to get to end of this post, I thank you. I thank everyone who has whole-heartedly supported me and my dream to bring something good to other people. I thank those closest to me who very excitedly pronounced my new cover a winner. I thank my family and friends and every subscriber and every business I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting with over the years. I thank all of our very dedicated and wonderful writers and contributors who help me far more than they or you will ever know. I also thank the many partnerships formed and lovingly maintained over the years. And lastly, the support reciprocated by the many trade organizations, trade publications, and trade and consumers shows where I exhibit and speak. ALL of YOU are special to me and all of your dreams and enjoyment of tea in life and in business are also my dreams and my passion to fulfill.

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For the Love of Tea, I remain dedicated to connecting tea businesses and consumers in years to come.


All the Best Until next time - And All For the Love of Tea. . .



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