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My Pick for #NYNOW Bloggers Choice Awards by Gail Gastelu, The Tea House Times

Monday, August 17th 2015 @ 12:42 PM

I’ve been assigned to choose ONE innovative product at #NYNOW! Here it is. . .

BEAN ME UP™ by finum® (Booth 3624 at NY NOW - NYC at the Javits).

NY NOW, the Market for Home, Lifestyle + Gift, is broadening its popular Accent on Design® Bloggers Choice Awards to encompass all three NY NOW Collections and all 10 sections of the Market. –

Accordingly, their press office had invited me to choose one special item after walking the show (I visited on Sunday, August 16 but the show is open til Wed, August 19). 

My assignment was to identify one product that most stands-out in terms of superlative design, form and function, talent, creativity and innovation. Well, that’s not hard! From my experience of walking tea, coffee, food, and gift shows for many, many years, I knew right where to look: Finum – a German company specializing in filters and unique, always innovative, designs and solutions for the home and especially for tea and coffee.

Finum has recently introduced a new product called “BEAN ME UP™!” – it is a manual grinder for coffee. Innovative for sure. Creative, superlative, form, function, yes! All categories covered here. The unique shape is something that Finum has introduced for several of their recent product launches including their spice grinder which can be used for many more things over salt and pepper and ordinary spices (called LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ also available in a mini set perfect for tabletop).

BEAN ME UP™ is like an old-fashioned coffee grinder but modernized and so much more functional as you can easily adjust the grind for any type of coffee. The "durable ceramic parts" make this product very high quality - that kind of "German engineering" many look to for dependability, innovation, and more. . . I'm sure you've heard it before.

Of course it is innovative, but - Why I love it – it’s quiet! My husband fresh grinds his coffee beans every morning. And, let me tell you, sometimes that electric coffee grinder he uses reallllly gets on my nerves!!!   ; )  BEAN ME UP™ might just save our marriage! Just kidding (we’re married 30 years, no chance a little noise will split us up!)….but I cannot wait until it is available later this year to give it a try in my own home. I know hubby will love it and I will love the peace and quiet each morning.  (I’m told it will be ready for shipping in November).  – Seriously! how can I get into my morning Zen routine quietly sipping my tea while listening to hubby’s coffee grinder? huff…

Now – “TEA FRIENDS” – listen up. I will bet that this lovely gadget can be used to grind your own tea for fresh matcha.  I will be giving it a try using the BEAN ME UP™ and/or their spice grinder….stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it works out.

That was fun, I’m glad NY NOW put all who visited their press office to this little challenge! Great way to bring light to some fantastic things out there that might otherwise be lost like a needle in a haystack. Great show - visit if you are in business and need to purchase merchandise and quality goods of every kind. See to search exhibitors or register to attend.

Here’s more info I learned about BEAN ME UP™ - -

A new generation in coffee grinding… BEAN ME UP™!

The future belongs to manual coffee grinding. BEAN ME UP™ offers an effortless way to an uncompromised flavor and irresistible freshness.

Grinding beans right before brewing your coffee makes all the difference in taste and freshness.  finum®´s new generation of manual coffee grinders makes the grinding process easy and smooth.

These are some of the key advantages over other grinders in the market:

  • Ergonomic design for an easy & smooth grinding
  • 3-5 faster grinding compared to other manual grinders
  • Easy to operate – Easy to clean
  • Continuous adjustable coarseness of grinding – from fine to coarse
  • The highly durable ceramic parts are easy to dismantle - no metal taste
  • Uniform granular size
  • No plug – No cable

BEAN ME UP™ has a feeder capacity of approx. 30gr / 1oz good for three cups or 0.5 liter (17 fl oz) of delicious coffee with an authentic fresh flavor.


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NY NOW social media handles are: 

Instagram: @NY_NOW


All the Best Until next time - And All For the Love of Tea. . .



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