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High Time for Tea? by Gail Gastelu

Monday, June 29th 2015 @ 2:18 PM

So, June was National Iced Tea Month – old news by now. But if you are in the business of tea or simply enjoy tea, I am sure that you have experienced a month long sharing of all kinds of refreshing iced tea recipes or news of product launches at The Tea House Times website or elsewhere – perhaps shared by your own tea friends or tea business colleagues, socially, on Facebook, etc.

Keep cool now with that iced tea – and you might want to sit down - while I tell you that there is something more that has been filling our journalist news alerts and that is marijuana (cannabis) infused tea or coffee and other beverages and products such as honey sticks getting in the act as well.  Infused may not be the correct term here as each is using a distinct process to ensure good flavor application…..and I’m not here to explain the processes I have read about. Some are also specifically cannabis, some are hemp.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time keeping up reading about this lately. It is not something I am purposely following, however, this type of news lands in my inbox naturally from any business seeking publicity for anything tea related.

A lot of the news I am reading on this topic elsewhere starts out with questions like, can white collar America accept this? Can tea-totaling Americans accept this?

I’ll try to keep personal opinion at bay and simply share what is coming my way here by mentioning what is trending.  I am not sure if our audience is ready or accepting of this type of information or news, however, I have decided to begin to share some of it discreetly and separately from our general tea news feeds.

There are many people who are curious enough to want to see this type of news in our tea related news feeds…..things like cannabis in tea or in coffee or in honey or the like. You will learn that cafes are opening to serve just that.

Of course, all of these things… marijuana or cannabis or hemp related… are going through legal process and constantly the hot news topic in major newspapers and news programs. I do not have time to follow all of that, but the volume of news coming to me directly and related to coffee or tea can no longer be ignored.  A recent story quoted the founder of a new tea related product saying, the beverages will appeal to “grandmothers and aunts who would never smoke, but would love a cup of tea.”

Up until a day ago, I was not going to share any of this news but poll our audience for interest level. A few things happened over the weekend, however, that have made me think that it is far too voluminous to ignore. – If you are completely not interested or do not approve of the addition of this type of news, then do not read the new “Coffee – Tea – Cannabis” news feed we have created.

However, if you are interested purely out of curiosity of what is going on in relation to the coffee or tea industry, then read the news for information purposes to stay on top of trends whether you personally need to partake in those types of products or not.

Many will not be comfortable with this topic, including me….right now anyway…it’s all still too new. But, please - I do not want to see any lengthy debates or negative discussions and commentary coming back from our readers through comments to this blog post or email or social media. I’ve made this my blog topic this week simply to bring light to what is happening around us…and, now, announce my decision to add the new, dedicated/separate feed.

We maintain that tea is a positive wonderful thing and our experiences surrounding it must remain positive. Adding a separate, dedicated news feed to share information and news where cannabis is meeting up with coffee and tea might be valuable to some people and might be a helpful thing in some unusual yet unique way.  This can be a very positive thing for those who need it medically and legally (this trend I am speaking of).

If you want to follow the Coffee-Tea-Cannabis News Feed – Go direct to this url: http://cannabis.theteahousetimes.com   Since it is RSS enabled, if your business is in need of this type of news, ask your webmaster how to embed the feed (Once there, click the orange rss icon and then grab the url for your webmaster). - Archived news will appear in the left column. For now, we have grouped a bunch of news we have been sitting on – all within the current month.

So, there you have it. That’s the latest news – yet just one of the big things that have been on my mind lately. It is what it is. News is news. We will continue to follow trends for tea business success and of course find ways for all tea loving consumers to enjoy tea.

Keep cool my friends. Have a wonderful, fun, iced tea-filled summer!

For the Love of Tea. . .



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