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Hot Tea Month is over, NOW WHAT? Seven (7) Ways to keep it hot! by Gail Gastelu

Friday, January 30th 2015 @ 2:48 PM

What will be the biggest thing in tea this year? Read my blog and if you are taking part in this great theme, The Tea House Times will consider listing your tea room/business event or product along with other events and resources (no fee) if it fits within our reader focus.

In case you missed it, we posted over 45 news and blog updates during Hot Tea Month. Have a look at our month-end TEA SCOOP summary here: 

Now that that excitement is over, what’s next?  Don’t worry, things are Not cooling down!  In fact I think we are just barely getting started with the excitement that tea, afternoon tea, and everything related will bring to all of us in 2015.

Keep reading on, because we need your help, so we may help your tea business succeed with tea events this year.  The biggest announcement is coming – Alice will be BIG!

I receive hundreds of news alerts each day and I will tell you that afternoon tea is experiencing resurgence thanks to an economy that seems to be recovering a bit and many timely/trendy things happening around us that just lend themselves perfectly to creating a tea themed event or gathering.  Tea rooms are booked solid with reservations and parties and catering requests too.

Whether you enjoy tea, afternoon tea, and tea themed gatherings for business or pleasure, the excitement of trending topics will keep you thoroughly enchanted with tea this year.

So, what are these things that are keeping tea gatherings so hot right now? Let me list some for you. Use these ideas for planning personal or business gatherings and new products this year. I will add more detail below as well.

  2. Downton Abbey
  3. 50 Shades of Grey (yes I went there!)
  4. Health Benefits of Tea
  5. Using tea in beauty/spa treatments
  6. Adding tea as an ingredient in recipes
  7. Tea and ____ Pairings (chocolate, cheese, wine, food, regional foods to match tea regions, anything)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 150th Anniversary is this year!! THIS YEAR!! Yes! This is an early announcement, a heads up – get planning now because it will be one of the best draws for tea themed “Mad Hatter Tea Party” gatherings this year!!  This will be so big that we are planning all sorts of things here to support the tea industry and tea loving public all around. 

Here’s how:

  1. We will be posting a list of resources regarding Alice and the 150th Anniversary.
  2. We will be posting a list of all tea rooms hosting Alice themed events this year.
  3. We will be posting a list of all tea industry businesses doing something Alice related this year.
  4. We will be posting about books, theatrical productions, and more.
  5. We will be alerting you to a special Red Hat Society event with an Alice focus.
  6. We will provide lists of anything and everything Alice related for business and pleasure.
  7. I have quite a few other surprises up my sleeve to incorporate Alice into other projects, collaborations, partnerships, and so much more. Keep watching.


HELP US HELP YOU – This is a great way to connect tea loving consumers and tea rooms and tea related retailers and wholesalers.  Get on our list before we present it to the public (no cost involved).  Send us the name of your business, website, contact details, name of event, date of event, and a short 25-50 word description of the event. If you have a link on your own website with more details, please provide that as well.  –OR- If you are planning a charity event, send the info to us. –OR- If you are planning a product launch, send a press release.  Send email to   DEADLINE: February 10.  PLEAAAASSSEE - Put the word ALICE on the subject line of your email or it may drown amongst all of the other email we receive daily. Thank you!  P.S. You are welcome to send party ideas, recipes, and photos for consideration as well. If we use it, you will be credited with a link to your website.


DOWNTON ABBEY – Need I say more really? All-day-long, I receive news alerts of communities across America and across the world hosting all types of Downton Abbey themed tea gatherings for personal fun, charitable causes, and fantastic business. Keep this in mind and keep running more events.  These always sell out for multiple dates at each tea room.

50 SHADES OF GREY – Didn’t read the book series? You might want to get on that since the movie is being released Valentine’s Day.  Whether this book series shocked you or not…. Whether you openly admit to reading the books or not, you cannot deny it is a trending topic and oh yes, indeedy, women will flock to your tea room or your own home if you are hosting a 50 Shades of Grey themed tea party.  Seriously! And, I have seen a wonderful list of teas already available to tea rooms who buy wholesale from East Indies Tea Company (Click here if you sell tea and search for: The Many Shades of Grey). I will attempt to find retailers who already have this tea, to share with consumers.

EVERYTHING ELSE – Everything else on the list is self-explanatory and I can go into these and other theme ideas at another time. For now, let’s keep this short.


Send us your Alice plans!! Don’t get Mad, get ready to party! Tea Party!!

For the Love of Tea. . .



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