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Wrapping things up! by Gail Gastelu

Monday, December 22nd 2014 @ 11:19 AM

And, that’s a wrap! As we close out 2014, we will wrap things up with a look back over the year in tea with an in-depth 2014 Year End Trend Report. I was going to post and share it today, but everyone is so wrapped up in holiday preparations, that I have decided to post it in full to later this week and reveal a portion of it for public viewing early next week.

Several of my year end trend reports are archived on our Tea Course website.  It is very, very interesting to go back and see what has happened in the tea industry over the years.

Every year I visit many tea rooms and walk many trade shows and talk to so many people that the trends become quite clear. I see the movers and shakers, what is successful or not, what is working, what is trending, what is popular. My summary includes much of this and input from several other tea industry leaders. Watch for it once Christmas is over! It will be good fireside reading in those lazy days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In a more relaxed blog-like fashion, I must say that 2014 was quite a year. It was a year of change for many in the tea industry as we all go through growth and change at the same time. Think about it. . . the USA tea industry has grown together.  We all anticipate further growth while we also go through periods of change. Sometimes it is most simply stated as growing pains when change happens, when growth happens, and even when we re-think some things, re-prioritize some things, and re-position many things including budgets.  I see many companies big and small going through some major changes but together we can continue to grow within this industry we have all come to love.  I will share more thoughts through my 2014 Year End Trend Report - very soon.

For now, focus on finalizing your gift wrapping. Wrap that up!!  I admit to being a last minute shopper this year but have enjoyed watching some friends and strangers come up with some unique DIY gifts – there are some great crafty ideas out there. For me, I love to bake. So, my most personal and special gift is shortbread that I bake every year for close family or friends and/or business connections who have particularly touched my life over the past year. 

My babies are home for Christmas! That is the only gift I need.

Looking forward to a fabulous 2015!. . .we will share more about The Tea House Times and related services, our growth in readership and fascinating new partnerships. Thanks for following me. Thanks for reading The Tea House Times. Thanks for reading our news feeds. Thanks for participating in our education offerings. Thanks for sharing your love and joy for all things tea!

Warm wishes for a very beautiful, Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

For the Love of Tea. . .



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