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Celebration Jasmine - Celebrate a Winner? We hope so! by Gail Gastelu

Wednesday, July 16th 2014 @ 8:36 PM

Do you remember my pet project - "A Day in My Shoes" where I put myself into another tea industry job for the day? Anything from washing dishes to cooking food to executive meetings. - One of my adventures included learning how to blend tea with Linda Villano, owner of SerendipiTea

I/we created a special blend at the end of 2013 for The Tea House Times' 10 year Anniversary. You may view the tea blending episodes of A Day in My Shoes by viewing postings from September through November, 2013 - HERE.

Sooooo, anyway.......guess what?!! - we have submitted the tea to the North American Tea Championship for their upcoming competition (deadline July 21). Evaluations take place July 24-25 in Las Vegas.  Since our tea is a blend, we had to wait all this time to enter it into the appropriate category. (The competition evaluates different categories throughout the year. See http://www.teachampionship.com)

I must - really, truly, must - say that this has been such a great adventure. Once I hit upon the right ingredients for the tea blend, that was it, we knew it was just right.  Then, the adventure went even further when I showed the tea and held tastings of the tea at World Tea East in Atlanta, last October and the Coffee and Tea Festival in Pennsylvania last November, and World Tea Expo in Long Beach, California just last month.

I now know and fully understand how wonderfully fulfilling it must be for people who blend tea and create new teas all year long.  Moreover, it is incredibly special and exciting when someone tastes the tea and likes it. Now, I will tell you that our Celebration Jasmine is not everyone's cup of tea - because it is floral. But, it is NOT overly floral. In fact the addition of just a touch, just a smidgen of rose petals, brings out a surprising sweetness and calms the floral essence. It is beautiful, lightly scented, and delicious. The first steep is floral and lightly sweet. With the second and third steep, the rose dissipates and the Jasmine sings. A wonder to experience!

Look at this beauty!  Celebration Jasmine is a celebratory, organic green tea blend of Jasmine Pearls, Rose Petals, and Cornflower Petals.  The jasmine pearl green tea is wonderfully light and lovely. The rose adds that touch of sweetness in the first steep, and the cornflower petals (blue) do nothing but add some pretty, celebratory fun to the mix.

I will never forget the day we sampled it at the Coffee and Tea Festival in Philly last November when it was so busy with wall to wall people. Really! Shoulder to shoulder crowds where you  have no choice but to shuffle very slowly to progress in and out of a booth or up the aisle. So - imagine for a moment.....this mass crowd and people shuffling into our booth, getting their sample, but not able to leave - only to shuffle along very slowly along through.  It was great fun to watch. They would take the tea, shuffle over, taste it, turn around and exclaim "Wow!"  LOL can you imagine me grinning from ear to ear? This was my first creation!! Of course I am grinning - was grinning - am still grinning over this entire experience. Wow, wow, wow.


The adventure continues as Linda's company blends the tea in bulk and handles all sales of the tea for us directly through their business. It has been fun to watch the progress and success of the tea. And, now, it may or may not be a winner in the eyes of - well, the tastebuds of - the judges, but we think it is a winner and to have the confidence to even pay to enter it into the contest has been an extreme pleasure and honor and privilege and rewarding experience on its own. No - matter - the - outcome!  Let's just say, it has been a great honor working with Linda. And we have also strengthened a friendship that had been growing over the years. What a great pleasure. THANK YOU LINDA! For your encouragement, support, bright smiling face, and the joy you have given me through this experience. 

Go - go - go TEAm - go! I hope we win or at least place!

If you want to purchase our wonderful tea, please visit this direct link to Celebration Jasmine at SerendipiTea.com

For the Love of Tea. . .



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