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Lovin' Everything Tea - you? - by Gail Gastelu

Monday, April 21st 2014 @ 2:40 PM

Happy Easter Monday! I hope you are enjoying a bit of a spring break with your family. In the meantime, let’s talk about iced tea, and matcha, and I want to start an important discussion, so please read on. . . .

What a great month it has been so far, with everyone warming up to spring and sharing ideas for wonderful afternoon teas for baby showers, bridal showers, and business meetings too! We had one very warm day (upper 70’s) about a week ago, followed by snow and 20 degree weather again here in New Jersey (sadly our spring break was cancelled, BTW, because of too many snow days off from school!).

But that one warm day and slightly warmer days this week is all it took to start thinking about and making iced tea!   My son has me brewing up a full pitcher just for him, every day now.  While I’m still drinking mine hot, it appears others are getting excited about iced tea too. The Today Show shared a few recipes for changing up your iced tea routine. It is mentioned in our April 21 Tea Scoop coverage, here.

Last week I attended a fantastic lecture and cooking demonstration at Japan Society, New York. What fun! Ito En teamed up with celebrity chef, Candice Kumai and together put on a very interesting program about matcha, powdered Japanese green tea, how it may be used in recipes, and how to enjoy it in more modern ways.  You will see that matcha is appreciated and enjoyed quite extensively outside its traditional use in the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  If you would like to read full event coverage, please click here for a story I wrote for World Tea News:  A Modern Take on the Love of Matcha  and watch there next week for a follow-up to include additional cooking tips and recipes.

What else is going on? I decided that The Tea House Times topic of the week needs to be a discussion about “Tea Mentors.” And, not so precisely specific to the meaning of mentor, but I feel it is important to thank people who have helped all of us along the way in building our tea businesses and helping others enjoy tea, learn about tea, and experience tea in new ways, every day.  There are many people in the tea industry who travel great distances to seek out the best teas, to learn about tea, to share their knowledge with others.  There are many who very tirelessly blog about tea, or sell tea, or serve tea in such a fashion that they are our leaders, our mentors, those we constantly look to and sometimes strive to be like.

In light of the upcoming World Tea Awards set to take place May 30 aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California – a part of World Tea Expo – I feel that it is time, now for all of us to open this topic up for further, deeper discussion.  Yes, I am presenting at the dinner. I am honored. But, more importantly, I am very much looking forward to recognizing people in our industry who continue to lead us and fuel all of us.  Who is that person to you? Is it you, yourself? (toot your own horn!) Is it me? Is it another one of our Guest Bloggers at The Tea House Times website? Is it a tea business we have connected you to over the years? Is it a tea room with such a wonderful menu that you cannot wait to visit again? Is it a tea industry author of a book or other publication (i.e. The Tea House Times)? Is it a tea industry speaker or educator?

Please read our topic of the week and do consider joining the conversation, or at the very least head on over to the World Tea Awards webpage of the World Tea Expo website and make a series of nominations. Nominations close this week.  Final voting will then open to delegates of the Expo. Winners will be announced at the dinner in May. (Dinner tickets may be added to event registration at – and it is expected to sell out, so do not delay.)

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