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Tea.G.I.F. Musings by Gail Gastelu

Friday, February 21st 2014 @ 9:34 AM

TGIF! It has been quite a week. Not complaining really, it has been a surprisingly productive week despite all of the severe weather problems here in New Jersey. 

Apparently my town of Sparta has been all over the news for everything from ice to deep snow, road salt depletion, roof problems at one of the area schools from snow along with an excessive number of closings. The rest of the country knows more than I do about my own town sometimes. Very funny….or not.

What is happening in your own little corner of tea world this week? Feel free to comment below.  I am thinking I might try to do a Friday Tea.G.I.F. posting as often as I can and welcome you to share your own musings as well.

My week – aside from the weather - - -  It still feels like January here in so many ways. Still solidifying partnerships for 2014 – well, more like a freshening up all around. My time this week has been spent preparing for my upcoming talks for Coffee Fest; a board meeting and other planning for 2014 with the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association (securing speakers for our Annual meeting in April, etc.); communications with many public relations personnel for everything from new products to very unique and important things going on in the tea industry (see also news re: Tea 2030).

Sometimes my week is so crazy that I think nothing got done. In reality it is good to put to paper what has happened over the course of a week to realize it really was a great week.  In addition to the above, I have a refreshed partnership with the Red Hat Society that will bring The Tea House Times to ALL of their members. Do you remember my recent press release about Giving Voice to Tea? …Just another step in the process. 

I am also in the midst of a product trial for a very innovative tea product from outside the USA. Of course it is far too soon to mention what it is, but what great fun……..and funny because I get very protective of special products when they arrive and put signs all over them – nobody touches this but me!  That’s another funny story I could write pages on. : )

What else? I have made my travel plans for World Tea Expo in May. And, you know what? The trip to California turns out to be basically the same price I was paying to get to Las Vegas and even the flight time is barely a few minutes more from NJ to Los Angeles airport in CA. I cannot wait for Long Beach and I hope to see YOU there! I am working on my next “California Dreamin’” blog piece for World Tea News – it will appear over there on the first Monday/Tuesday of March.  I’m into part five or six by now, so check it out if you have not been following along. Go to to see it. It will run through May.

That is all for now. I have a lunch meeting and usual weekly, continuing education, updates planned for this afternoon. - And, now that my laryngitis is gone, I may need to work the weekend to get "A Day in My Shoes" back on track to report about my coffee escapades!

I wish you a wonderful day and delightful weekend!

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