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January 2013 Posts


A Day in My Shoes
Blog Entry

A Day in My Shoes Setting the Stage The Plan

Monday, January 28th 2013 @ 11:15 AM

Welcome to A Day in My Shoes – a blog and sometimes vlog as The Tea House Times publisher, Gail Gastelu puts herself in someone else’s shoes for the day.... First things first. WHY?  Let’s set the stage…

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Hello everyone! Gail here….Welcome to my new blog featuring A Day in My Shoes – well – really it is a day in anyone else’s shoes within the tea industry.  The plan is to get me out from behind my desk, out of my business suit for the day, and step behind the scenes into a tea room, tea retailer, tea supplier, tea manufacturer, or a corporate tea executive’s shoes for the day.

I have had this on my to-do list for years! If you know me, you will completely understand why I am putting myself out there – throwing myself to the wolves, so to speak – I am not your typical publisher with multiple titles in different categories. My passion and focus is all tea, all the time. In addition to The Tea House Times publication, I also produce continuing education and my goal since 2003 has been to continually find new ways to connect businesses and consumers to everything tea.

While I have been publishing about tea for going on ten years now, and certainly no stranger to tea rooms or enjoying tea time, there is something to be said about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. The time has come to do just that and find additional ways to support tea rooms and tea businesses across the country.

And so this little project gets underway beginning with a tea room close to me here in NJ.  On Thursday, January 17, 2013, I sat down with Bernadette Solari, owner of High SocieTea House in Wayne, NJ to discuss A Day in My Shoes and schedule myself to shadow different positions and duties within the day-to-day operations of this lovely tea room.

I have to admit that after speaking with Bernadette in person, I went back to the office a complete bundle of nerves – afraid of the unknown.  When she mapped out a typical day in her tea room and a typical week of things that happen behind the scenes to make afternoon tea appear effortlessly upon the table for so many who enjoy it every day, I was astonished and impressed at the same time for the incredible amount of planning, preparing, and management to be a success in serving the public.

Gail (l), Bernadette (r)

For this first leg of A Day in My Shoes I will serve time as a waitress/server, dishwasher, food prep/cook, shopkeeper, and more.  As we progress through each job, you will see as I have experienced now first hand, that each of these jobs is much more involved than it sounds by job title alone.

This blog will sometimes also be a vlog (video blog) depending on circumstances in each situation.  At the very least, you will be able to read about my experiences and view photos. I will post to the blog every Monday to coincide with our e-news circulation. To follow along, just watch for updates through The Tea House Times e-news, or The Tea House Times Facebook page, or The Tea House Times publication itself.

…As you will see in the first job position, I assist in prepping for a tea party and serving at a tea party. This was a private event, Bridal Shower Tea Party, held at High SocieTea House in Wayne, NJ on January 19.  To protect the privacy of guests, most times we will not video during the experience.  We might be able to shoot some video during kitchen duties, etc.  So, just follow along, go with the flow, and enjoy.  I hope you will not laugh AT me, but laugh along with me as I explore a bit more of the unknown happenings behind the scenes in the tea industry! 

In the left column of this blog, you may view archived entries including an introduction of the project and a preview of next week. On each of those pages you will also find upcoming dates where I may serve tea to you! Reservations are required and it is a very small window of time.

WISH ME LUCK! Talk to you next week!   Kiss


DATES for High SocieTea, Wayne, NJ when Gail can serve you!
Sun. Feb. 10, 11-2 (leaving AT 2!)
Thurs. Feb 21, 4-6 (leaving AT 6!)
Sun. Feb. 24, 11-2 (leaving AT 2!)
Call High SocieTea-reservations required: 973-696-8327
Location: 20 Old Newark Pompton Turnpike, Wayne, NJ 07470 (


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