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S&D Coffee & Tea launches TODDY® cold brew coffee concentrates

Sunday, March 12th 2017 @ 3:35 PM

S&D Coffee & Tea, the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in America, has launched TODDY®cold brew coffee concentrates ― simplifying cold brew coffee for foodservice operations.

Using its proprietary TODDY® commercial cold brewing process at scale, S&D delivers a superior cold brew coffee in an easy-to-use concentrate that addresses the challenges associated with "do it yourself" or back of the house cold brewing and storage.

S&D's concentrates alleviate the need for foodservice staff to spend hours measuring, steeping and filtering out coffee grounds to make cold brew in-house, which can take between 6 and 24 hours. With S&D's product, cold brew can be ready in minutes and served in batches or by the glass, allowing operations to be better prepared for every sale and limiting waste.

S&D's products are also shelf stable and significantly reduce food safety and storage issues found with other in-house cold brewing methods.

S&D offers two concentrates to meet customers' needs:

  • TODDY® Cold Brew Coffee Black Label concentrate: a 4:1 cold brew concentrate that delivers a perfectly balanced cold brew coffee. It can be enjoyed pure black or customized to a customer's preference.
  • TODDY® Cold Brew Coffee White Label concentrate: a 24:1 cold brew concentrate that is specifically formulated with a more pronounced cold brew coffee flavor for mixing with dairy in traditional iced coffees or frozen coffee drinks.

"With the growing popularity of cold brew coffee, we saw the need for quality, craft-tasting products that are easy to implement," said John Buckner, vice president of marketing for S&D Coffee & Tea. "Our concentrates safely and consistently deliver delicious cold brew coffee every time, while making the process stress-free for foodservice operations."

For more information on S&D's TODDY® cold brew coffee concentrates, visit this website.

About S&D Coffee & Tea
S&D Coffee & Tea, a subsidiary of Cott Corporation, is the largest coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores in America. S&D is also a leading producer of liquid extracts. In continuous operation since 1927, the company serves over 110,000 customers through national distribution and direct store delivery. For more information about S&D Coffee & Tea, go to www.sdcoffeetea.com.

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