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Davidson’s Organics launches new tea chocolates and infused jellies

Monday, October 31st 2016 @ 2:46 PM

Davidson’s Organics, the first certified organic, fair trade and specialty tea company in the US, introduces organic tea chocolates and tea-infused jellies to its product line of over 400 tea varieties. The new products celebrate this year’s 40th anniversary and move Davidson’s into the realm of specialty food.

“We are excited to offer another dimension of tea to our customers while highlighting our favorite tea flavors.” said Kunall Patel, owner of Davidson’s Organics. “We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 40th birthday than with something good to eat and drink.”

Davidson’s tea chocolates are a meritage of Indian and South American delicacies, combining third-generation cacao beans from Esmeraldas, Ecuador with traditional tea leaves from Darjeeling, India.

“We’ve combined two sacred products to celebrate international heritage and history,” said Patel. “It’s a product that tells a story.”

Davidson’s tea chocolates maintain the integrity and health benefits of the tea, as leaves are sprinkled throughout a 65 percent cacao Arriba blend. Flavors include Earl Grey Lavender, Classic Chai and Coconut Vanilla.

Earl Grey and Classic Chai are both made from black tea, rich in antioxidants and caffeine. The rooibos base of Coconut Vanilla can be used as a stress and insomnia reliever.

Davidson’s tea jellies are made from brewed organic tea blends, organic cane sugar and pectin. They complement fine cheeses, artisan breads, meats, crackers and deserts. Flavors include Earl Grey, Classic Chai, White Pomegranate and Coconut Vanilla. The rooibos base in White Pomegranate is said to have cancer preventing properties.

“It is important to understand health benefits and how different tea leaves affect our bodies,” said Promilla Mohan, owner of Davidson’s Organics. “We love to sweeten and enhance our teas with a small spoonful of tea jelly.

In 2016, Davidson’s completed a complete package redesign to better depict the ingredients, health benefits, simplicity, company background, certifications and international culture of its tea.


Suggested Tea Jelly and Tea Chocolate Pairings:

Earl Grey Tea Jelly has light, citrusy tones with hints of lavender, made with black tea and natural oil of bergamot. Enjoy it with fish, cheeses and breads, or use it in a bourbon cocktail.  

Classic Chai Tea Jelly encompasses the flavors of the holidays. The black tea and spicy base of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and orange peel pairs with roasted duck, beef, and pork as a marinade or topping.

White Pomegranate Tea Jelly is a tart and fruity blend of white tea, rosehips, hibiscus, and dried pomegranate. Use it for mild cheeses, crackers, fish or dessert spreads. Make a summer jelly thumbprint cookie, or use it to sweeten your tea party. 

Coconut Vanilla Tea Jelly pairs with ice cream, scones, various desserts and summer cocktails. Made with dried coconut, rooibos, carob, chicory and barley, its sweet flavors are great for baking.

Earl Grey Lavender Chocolate is dark, mildly bitter with flavors of bergamot. Pair it with a sweet white wine, like prosecco, and a soft cheese.

Classic Chai Chocolate pairs with dark red wines, like black-currant and tobacco merlots, and port wines.

Coconut Vanilla Chocolate pairs with dessert wines, light reds and Rieslings.   


To learn more about Davidson’s Organic Teas or to place an order, visit: davidsonstea.com. 


About Davidson’s Organics

Davidson’s Organic teas are USDA Organic certified and are free of pesticides, dairy, GMOs, and other non-permitted ingredients to deliver the freshest, purest teas to customers. Direct from family-owned gardens in India, through the Fair Trade Certified line to Nevada, Davidson’s offers a wide variety of blends and traditional flavors in tea bags, loose leaf form, and iced tea. Davidson’s is proud and delighted to share the benefit of drinking organic teas from their own tea gardens exclusively with the United States. 


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