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Award-Winning XBOX Designers Unveil Teforia

Saturday, October 31st 2015 @ 7:35 AM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – October 29, 2015 Award-Winning XBOX Designers Unveil Teforia, the First Machine-Learning Brewing Device That Blends Centuries of Tea Knowledge With Modern Science to Craft the Perfect Cup of Tea. Offering exclusive teas from Mighty Leaf Tea, Samovar Tea and Smith Teamaker, Teforia sets out to create a healthier cup of tea with customizable flavor profiles, caffeine dosage and antioxidant levels.

Introducing Teforia’s intelligent infuser. It's simple, it's elegant, it's personal.

The perfect blend of tradition and science
Utilizing proprietary Selective Infusion Process (“SIP”) technology and environmentally conscious smart packaging, Teforia automatically determines the best brewing method for each varietal. Teforia’s advanced algorithms combine the knowledge of multi-generational tea masters with modern machine-learning technology to bring out the richest and most robust flavor in your tea. Rather than relying on the mundane and imprecise experience of a tea bag, the Teforia infuser is a tea master at your fingertips -- your tea always tastes exactly as it was intended to.
Crafting an exceptional cup of tea with the proper balance of flavors and aromas not only requires an intimate understanding of the tea itself, but also a scientific attention to detail. Consider two green teas -- Sencha and Dragonwell. Though similar in visual appearance, they actually require very different brewing techniques and deliver two distinctive flavors. A change of just three degrees in temperature and/or five seconds in brewing time can make all the difference between a bitter taste and an impeccable cup of tea.
Beyond recognizing the perfect recipe for every varietal, Teforia can also learn from, and adapt to, each tea drinker’s taste preferences while giving users the ability to customize each cup. For example, Teforia’s features include:

  • Personal recipe creation--Allows users to seamlessly adjust the various properties of any tea and create their own recipes with custom caffeine levels, antioxidant levels and flavor and aroma notes.
  • Caffeine management--Ability to program customized day and night settings for brewing tea with varying caffeine levels based on your preference for enjoying tea in the morning vs. evening.  Users are even able to decrease caffeine content by up to 62%.
  • Antioxidant amplification--Users can increase the amount of Gallocatechin (one of the major antioxidants found in tea) by up to 133% for an even healthier cup of tea.
  • Companion mobile app for iOS and Android--Offers seamless re-ordering options for teas and water filters, in-depth background on the grower and origin of each tea and recommendations for new teas based on the ones you already love.
  • Intuitive UI--Lets users slide their finger across the flavor/aroma palette to create and save their ideal tea recipes.
  • Quick & simple to use--One touch of a button delivers the perfect cup in half the time of conventional methods.

“On a trip to Asia three years ago, I had a cup of tea that changed my life and transported me back to my childhood,” said Allen Han, CEO and founder of Teforia. “That discovery led me to realize how the $90 billion dollar global tea market largely consists of commercialized brewing methods and treatments. Most tea drinkers don’t know what they’re missing, so I wanted to create a way to perfect the process of brewing tea while honoring its tradition.”
After several years and generations of product design and development, Teforia was created by some of the best minds in product design, responsible for category-defining products such as the XBOX360 and Kindle Fire. The team has also won multiple Red Dot Design Awards, the IDEA Design Excellence Award and the Good Design Award -- awards given to the likes of Apple, BMW and Bose.
Teforia is accepting orders starting today for an exclusive limited release of 500 devices and will begin shipping throughout the United States in Spring 2016. Teforia will retail for $1299, but for the first 500 devices, buyers can enjoy an early-bird price of $649. Early buyers will receive a special gift box including thirty servings of exclusive loose-leaf tea from Teforia’s private collection, and featuring tea from partners Mighty Leaf Tea, Samovar Tea and Smith Teamaker. The first 500 buyers will also be able to choose their own limited edition serial number for their Teforia infuser, will receive an invitation to VIP tea tasting events and have the opportunity to win a one-week tea sourcing and tasting trip with Teforia at an exotic location.
To learn more, visit teforia.com.
About Teforia
Teforia aims to blend the ancient tradition of tea with first-of-its-kind technology into a sensory experience for the modern world. The company’s flagship product, Teforia, is the first machine-learning tea infusion device that brews the “best cup of tea you’ve never had” easy and automatically. Part companion and part guide, our goal is to help you discover, enjoy and journey into the world of authentic and exceptional tea. Led by founder & CEO Allen Han and CTO Kris Efland, Teforia was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit: teforia.com.

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