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Davidson’ s Organics Presents Five New Products At the 2015 Fancy Food Show

Monday, December 22nd 2014 @ 11:36 AM

Davidson’s Organic Teas kicks off 2015 with five new consumer items available for sample and viewing at the 2015 Fancy Food. Davidson’s comes to the annual showcase with the latest editions to its selection of USDA-certified organic, fair trade teas showing at booth 1569.

Continuing to pave the way in the organic tea industry as the only true farm-to-cup tea company in the nation, Davidson’s three newest exclusive flavors that will be available at its Fancy Food booth include Dragonwell Green, Lapsang Souchong Black, and Ginger Spice. In line with Davidson’s company values, the three teas are all organic and free of controversial GMOs and pesticides while still being available at an unbeatable price.

Coming off it’s 15-year anniversary mark, in which the company celebrated success as the first entirely organic tea company in the US, Davidson’s also achieved the popular launch of three new tea flavors, as well as the DIY Tea Blending Kit (photo) and the Teas of the Seasons gift set, released just before the holiday season. And they only just started steeping for the New Year.

Dragonwell Green is perhaps China’s most famous tea, and for good reason. Often served to visiting heads of states, the tea is known for its sweet and nutty taste. Grown high in the mountains near Hangzhou, it is handpicked and processed with delicate care just as it was 1,500 years ago. In spring, the top two leaves of the plant are harvested and then pan-fried and folded into its distinctive sword-like shape. Dragonwell Green tea brews into a jade green color, gives off a sweet aroma, and has a toasted chestnut-like aftertaste. This distinct tea can be enjoyed as a pick-me-up in the morning or as a refresher throughout the day.

Davidson’s Lapsang Souchong Black is one of the most distinct teas in the world. This Chinese black tea is famous for its smoky aroma and flavor. The characters come from the drying process in which the tea-leaves roast above a pine fire. This process gives the unique tea its smoky yet refreshing flavor with hints of pine, fruit and spice. Brewing Lapsang Souchong Black gives off what people call a “campfire” aroma and brews a golden coppery color in the cup. Try this strong flavored tea straight or with sugar, milk, or lemon.

Davidson’s Ginger Spice gives you a warm and soothing feeling with great taste thanks to its unique blend of herbs and pungent spices which brings out the full spicy flavor of ginger. Used for more than 2,000 years by Ayurvedic practitioners, ginger has been known to aid digestion, relieve stomach problems (nausea and motion/morning sickness), intestinal gas as well as menstrual cramps. Enjoy a cup before or after any meal, or compliment it with your favorite chai beverage. Add a squeeze of honey or a dash of cinnamon to sweeten things up.

Davidson’s complete Tea Blending Kit, which was released to the consumer market for the 2014 holiday season, expanded the brand’s gift item line.  The hinged-wooden kit contains more than 12 organic herbs, teas and spices for an infinite number of tea combinations, as well as a family-size glass teapot with an infuser and warmer for demonstrating one’s tea blend while simultaneously keeping it warm.

The Davidson’s Teas of the Seasons gift set comes in a beautiful wooden case that displays four distinct blends of herbal teas. For spring, our Spring Fruit & Flower blend gives a light-berry flavor and resembles pink roses. Our Summer Fruit & Flower blend is a brilliant combination of fruits and flowers giving a buttery tropical flavor. With autumn comes the start of the holidays and our Autumn Fruit & Flower blend has the festive flavors of cranberries, cinnamon and apples. Finally, our cozy Winter Fruit & Flower blend warms you up during the cold months with tastes of cinnamon, hibiscus and peppermint. Each blend is 100% caffeine free.

For more information on the Davidson’s story, its gardens, or to purchase teas, visit DavidsonsTea.com.

About Davidson’s Organics:

Davidson’s Organic teas are USDA organic certified and free of pesticides, dairy, GMOs and other non-permitted ingredients. Davidson’s received the Good Manufacturing Practice certification, signifying they meet the highest standards of food safety and processing. Davidson’s delivers the freshest, purest teas to customers direct from family-owned gardens in India, through the Fair Trade Certified line to Nevada. Davidson’s offers a wide variety of blends and traditional flavors in tea bags, loose-leaf form and iced tea. Davidson’s is proud and delighted to share the benefit of drinking organic teas from their own tea gardens exclusively with the United States. Visit www.davidsonstea.com to find out more information and order from their selection of specialty teas, gifts and accessories. 

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