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Indonesia’s New Organic Tea at the World Tea Expo 2014

Friday, May 23rd 2014 @ 10:25 PM

Los Angeles, California - Indonesia is back at the World Tea Expo 2014 on May 29-31 at the Long Beach Convention Center, with booth #756.

This year, PT. Harendong will once again represent Indonesia’s remarkable tea at the show and bring its high quality organic tea from a single tea estate in Halimun Mountain, West Java. PT. Harendong with its premium “Arum Tea” brand will showcase 4 of its organic tea such as Green Tea, Light Oolong Tea, Medium Oolong Tea and Black Tea – from the best leaves of Cammelia Sinensis without any preservatives. Arum Tea is certified organic by USDA, FDA, IMO and EU.

About Arum Tea
Arum Tea is a new brand from PT. Harendong that was just established specially for the U.S market. Taste profile for Arum Tea varies from Green Tea; gentle organic green tea with sweet vegetal aroma, smooth and refreshing mild floral flavor , Light Oolong Tea; very smooth, light golden hue with a fruity and floral fragrance and as the tea develops, the earthy flavors transforms into a lingering finish of herbs and flowers, Medium Oolong Tea; full sweet taste with floral fragrance and a hint of honey and
finally the Black Tea; a sweet and malty flavor with a caramel undertone and a floral finish.

Arum Tea is produced in a mountain area where fresh clean and mild climate is located, giving the best condition for high quality of tea to grow. The tea farms are maintained organically – the fertilizers and pest control materials are made from organic ingredients, like garlic and lemongrass, without the slightest intake of chemicals. PT. Harendong is committed to provide customers and consumers with
the best quality of tea from Indonesia.

Indonesia is proud to introduce Arum Tea through World Tea Expo for the world to see and taste its remarkable taste. Come stop by at our booth, #756, where there will be demo, tasting of Arum Tea and meet directly with PT. Harendong’s representatives from Indonesia. Discover what Indonesian tea has to offer for your company, together we can strive and develop the Tea industry in the U.S and the world!

More information on Arum Tea, visit



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